How to Write My Company Blog 101: How to Create the Perfect Blog for Increasing Traffic, Engagement, and Sales

Posted : June 13, 2018

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As a business owner, you are probably very well aware that marketing is an integral aspect for making your business grow and bring in more customers. However, you may not be aware that one of the best techniques you can use for marketing is creating a blog for your company. Your mind is probably whirring with questions like, “how to write my company blog to begin with?” Or, “will making a blog really help my company earn more revenue?”

According to Neil Patel, companies that blog have roughly 97% more inbound links than companies that don’t, which equals higher rankings on Google and a lot more traffic. He goes on to say that,


“Blogging is something that I highly recommend you try. It’s so effective that it’s been the key strategy to my success.”
how to write my company blog
It doesn’t take an astrophysicist to figure out why marketers are increasing their use of blogs and how blogging can have such a dramatic impact on improving your business. After all, we live in the digital age. Everyone is on one device or the other for the better part of the day. In fact, recent research shows that American adults spend over 86 hours a month on their phone alone.

Naturally, if you want to get your business in front of everyone’s eyes, the best way to do it is by getting your business on their digital devices.

If you want to dig deep into the question, “how to write my company blog?” you must listen to the experts. Marketing guru Holly Corbett speaks to why blogging is so useful for businesses.

“The more credible content you are able to add to your site, the more pages from your domain become indexed in search engines. This improves your businesses organic search visibility which in turn increases website traffic.”
Not every blog does well, however, and there are many important factors that you need to take into consideration when you are creating your blog. Though keywords and SEO techniques are important, good content arguably has the biggest impact in increasing traffic.

Digital marketing specialist Chris Kubbernus states that making an article valuable and enjoyable is key.


“You need to combine both search engine results and retention to get the most out of your blog.”

What Platform Should I Create My Blog On?

In order to get your blog up and running, you need to first select a platform on which to create your blog. If you already have a company website, that’s fantastic because you can simply ask your web designer to add a blog page to your website and start writing away.

However, if you do not already have a website, or you have one that you made yourself, you’re going to have to do a little work.

There are dozens of platforms you can choose from out there, but let’s look at the top three.

1. or

WordPress is the most popular way to make a great website and blog. Both the .com and .org options enable you to publish customized blog posts which can be optimized for the internet.

2. Blogger is another favorite for creating a great blog that can be readily found on the internet. This platform is a little more complicated as you need to know a bit of coding if you want your blogs to really stand out.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is another great platform to create your blogs on. One unique factor about Tumblr is that it has a ‘reblog’ feature which allows you to republish others’ posts (with their website referenced, of course.)

How to Write my Company Blog with the Best Topics?

The best way to track your ideas is to write down every reasonable topic that comes to your mind the moment it pops up.

If your business is based on baking then you are going to want to create content about things that are currently trending in the baking niche. You can create topics based on your own knowledge and understanding, or you could do some serious keyword research (which is discussed a little further down.)

A great way to get topic ideas based on your general understanding is to use Reddit and Quora to see what topics are trending in your niche.

When you search up your term in the search bar of these websites, all the articles and discussions related to that topic come up.

When you type ‘how to bake’ on Reddit, all the articles that are popular and posted within the last year show up.


how to do keyword research
This is incredibly useful because those articles that have more comments and user interaction generally come up first so you can get a live view of what people are interested in today.

Quora doesn’t always show the most recent posts, but it does show you popular posts related to your search term and it also offers a dropdown menu similar to Google.


how to choose blog topics
You can use this to determine what people are currently interested in and design your blog topics based on that.

What is SEO and How can it Benefit my Blog?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website and blog posts so they are easily found and indexed by search engines. Digital marketing experts like Corbett agree that search engine optimization is the number one way a business can benefit from a blog.

An important way to utilize SEO is through keyword research. Keyword research is the procedure of systematically finding words and phrases that can be used to make a blog post easier to find for the right audience. Getting the perfect keywords can really make a dramatic difference in your blog traffic

How Do I do Keyword Research for my Blog?

Keyword research is an art all in itself, and it can be pretty time-consuming. However, there are a few free tools out there that can help you find the right keywords for your blogs. Keyword research can be broken down into two main components; figuring out which keywords are the most popular, and secondly, figuring out which keywords have the least competition.

There are multiple ways of finding popular keywords.

Google Search

Doing a quick Google search on your niche is a good way to get a rough idea of which topics are currently trending in your field. If you type ‘baking blogs’ into the Google search bar plenty of blogs related to baking will pop up. These blogs can serve as a wealth of knowledge and ideas because the fact they showed up first reveals that they are ranked high by Google and therefore their content is probably more popular.

When you type ‘how to bake’ into the Google search bar, a list of long-tail keywords usually drops down.


how to choose blog keywords
From the above screenshot, it is evident that ‘how to bake chicken’ is popularly searched up and so you should consider including a few blog posts on baking chicken to your site if it’s relevant to your audience.

 Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools make your job of hunting for keywords tremendously easier. There are many good keyword research tools out there but the best free option is definitely Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a free tool which was originally designed to help you create the perfect ad campaign for your website. However, the keyword planner it comes with is a goldmine for finding out which keywords are actually being searched for on the internet.

The Google Adwords keyword planner is so useful because it lets you know how many hits a particular search term gets on Google per month and it also generates ideas for you. You simply have to type in keywords you think are relevant and find the one with the most hits and lowest competition.

When you log into your Adwords account, the top menu will mention tools. Click Tools> Keyword Planner. Once you get to the keyword planner all you have to do is type in the keywords you think are relevant and the keyword planner does all the work for you. The tool generates ideas of pertinent terms, and the best part is that it also tells you how well you will be able to compete for that word.

how to find blog keywords
The term “baking blogs” is searched up often but it does not have a lot of competition, this makes it a great keyword to use.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making an Adwords account, you can simply run a Google campaign and use the keyword area to find popular terms.


write my company blog
As you can see, a lot of people seem to be searching up the word “baking”. Once you have a keyword that is relevant to your website and also has a decent amount of searches, you can move on to the second step; which is to determine how much competition that keyword has.

The best free way of doing this is by downloading the Moz Bar. Once the Moz Bar is downloaded and activated in your plugin settings, you simply have to search for your keyword on Google. The search engine results page will show up as usual, except now there will be an additional toolbar visible underneath each website.


how to use a keyword toolbar
These bars indicate the domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) of the website. We can go into a lot of detail about what this means, but as a beginner, all you need to know is that if a website has a high DA and PA for the keyword you have chosen, then competing for that keyword will be very difficult.

The keyword baking comes with very high competition and it’s better to find a more specific keyword that has less competition.

Low-competition keywords are ideal because they have not been used excessively by your competitors and this gives you more chances of ranking for it. If the DA and PA meters are above 70% then it’s better to go back to Adwords and try out a few more keywords.

There are many more precise ways to conduct keyword research, but this method still gives you a better idea of what you can actually compete for.

How to Write my Company Blog?

When it comes to actually writing your blogs, the most important rule you can follow is that you produce content that offers value to the reader and is engaging at the same time. However, there are a few characteristics that make a blog really stand out.

First of all, the blog must be understandable and actionable. This means that the content that you write must be in a language that everyone can understand, and at the same time it should not be too simple, and it should offer significant value to the reader. There are a lot of fluffy articles on the internet that are just full of filler content, and these never do well. Each and every blog that you post must be targeting a problem and resolving that problem. Creating targeted posts which are designed to help your readers will increase the value of your blog because your readers will get a chance to learn something new every time they visit.

Google’s search engines have advanced and they no longer only care about the keywords in your content. Google now ranks websites based on how relevant they are to the terms being sought. The more in-depth and detailed your posts are, the more chances they will be seen as relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank for. No matter how deep you are digging with your blog posts, make sure you avoid common mistakes that many writers make when creating content for their company.


As Neil Patel said, “Your target audience is sick and tired of disruptive ads and salesy social network posts. They want original content that is more valuable, rich and actionable. No matter what type of content you choose, it has to be digestible information, whether it’s presented in the form of an article, a blog post, or visual content like an infographic, a video, memes, podcasts or a short report.”
Aesthetically speaking, nobody likes to read big chunky paragraphs, no matter how informative and well written they are. You should split your paragraphs up into smaller sections so they are easier to scroll through and read.

We discussed a few free methods of doing keyword research earlier, and it’s important to note that you don’t overstuff your blog articles with these keywords. Using the keywords naturally in your post should be more than enough to get the message across to both Google and your readers. It’s also a good idea to use your keywords in your headings and sub headings because that is what will catch the search engines attention the most.

Finally, What is the Right Length for my Blog Posts?

Your post can be as long as you want provided that you are giving quality content that has a lot to offer.   Statistics show blog posts that are longer (1000-2500 words) do the best in terms of being shared. However, there is no point in creating a 2000 word post that has no value and does not offer valuable information to the reader if you don’t have that much to say.

The definition of a perfect blog post varies widely, but one thing remains clear: creating great content that gives value to the reader is the key factor to keep in mind when writing a blog. Blogging great content frequently can help you earn a lot more conversions and lead to more sales.


How to write my company blog
In today’s world, where literally everything has shifted to the internet, a good blog can make all the difference between having a website that gets lost in the vast sea of internet data to a website that becomes the biggest source of income for a company.

How to Find the Perfect Blog Writer

If you aren’t good at writing, or you think these blogging tips are too overwhelming, it’s a fantastic idea to hire a professional writer. How do you hire a blog writer? The answer is simple. The best way to find a writer is by going online and running a quick search on professional writing services.

You could always go through the pain of putting up your own advertisement on blogging job boards, but that would take a lot of time and energy. The simple way to get an expert writer is to contact a company that specializes in creating online content and ask them to get one of their experienced bloggers on the job for you.

Hiring a blogger will cost you money, but this is one investment that every business can benefit highly from.


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