How to Craft Epic Headlines Your Customers Will Not Miss

Victoria Kyle | Article-Writing.co

Posted On: October 26, 2016
What is your number one goal in marketing? If you’re smart, it should be making sure that what people see from you is the only thing they see – your content generated by content writers for hire should be what they head for over any other competition’s content. But how do you and your article writer make this happen?
Your starting point should be your title or headline.
There’s a term thrown around a lot in the world of article writing called “clickbait” – and you know what it means. When you think of a clickbait article, it’s got that really obvious advertisement aspect to it. Titles like “YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS CELEB’S BREASTS ARE FAKE!” and “YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS COOKING SECRET TO SURVIVE!” While these kind of titles and content make you roll your eyes, you have to give them one thing: they definitely get people to start clicking.
When you’re talking about the realm of serious, quality writing, it’s good to find a happy medium – you want a title that will make people click, but you don’t want to be predatory about it. Your content should have value, and this should be reflected in your headline.
After all, your headline is the first thing people see. If you don’t win them over with it immediately, they’re likely walking away.

Easy Tips for You or Your Content Writers for Hire

Your first tip? Don’t over complicate things. You aren’t reinventing the wheel making headlines, so don’t act like it. Your attitude should be very focused on your content’s purpose. Craft a headline that works with what you’ve got written and make sure it snags attention. That’s it, that’s the goal.

So instead of making a fuss about research and searching the ends of the earth for advice, keep these simple tips in mind when crafting headlines:

Don’t be formulaic. Make your content unique, and make your titles unique.

Don’t be super vague. For a more concrete tip, your headline should be something that draws your reader to read the next sentence of your article. This means it shouldn’t try to be too elusive.

Working with the above tip, your headline should be made up of two components: the topic and why the reader should care about the content. “Four Reasons You Need a Content Writer.” “Apps an Article Writer Needs for Ultimate Organization.” These are simple and explain what the content is about while still making someone curious.

It’s okay to be a little forceful, just don’t go over the top. Be urgent, be reverent, be obvious in your expertise.

Don’t try to trick your audience. When you pull “clickbait” stunts, you turn off your readership. You likely aren’t a celeb news aggregate or a web traffic farm site. As a business blog, you have to be professional. Leave the cheap tricks to someone else.

Be hyper-specific when possible. Compare “Simple Tips for Writers” to “5 Tips for Content Writers for Hire Who are In a Creative Rut.” One is going to get a lot more traffic than the other. Can you guess which one?


Now that you have a few tips, how do your own content’s headlines stand up to the criteria?