How to Write the Perfect Blog Article

Posted : May 27, 2017

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Writing the perfect company blog is no easy feat, but a quality blog article writing service can help.
Your content has to be equal parts informative, strategic, and engaging.

The tricky part, even for a writer with an expert blog article writing service, is finding how to go about that without the piece being dense or bland, losing the attention of your audience.

Don’t worry about finding the perfect balance to walk that line–as a company that has written tens of thousands of blog articles for our clients, we’ve got a few tips for you!

Here is how to compose a perfect blog article for your company blog!

1. Generate an idea

Put on your hat with the little light bulb above it and get to work thinking of a great idea!

What makes up a great blog idea for a company blog?

What are we writing about? What story should we tell? How do we keep plugging away if we don’t know what to write about, arghhhh!!!

Here are some tips…

  • What’s in the news? Is there anything news-worthy that you can hijack and write an opinion on?
  • The List Article. Ahhhh listicles, everyone’s favorite. No seriously, if you are stuck just start thinking through some potential lists that would be relevant to your audience.
  • The How-To. Listen, you have a business and your audience/customers love you because of your expertise so be humble about it and share this expertise. Put together a serious How-To guide on some micro piece of your business.
  • A Curation Post. Similar to a Listicle, grab a number of resources and list them out.
  • Experiment or Episodic Content. This takes a bit of planning on the front end of things, but you’ll capture your readers at the start and keep them vested this way. The idea is to run your own experiment or discuss a topic or process through a series of updated posts.

Once you know what kind of blog you’d like to do, come up with a list of potential topics, and collaborate with others within the company or a professional content writer to select the topic.



2. Select a title

As any blog article writing service will tell you, this is a VERY important step in creating your perfect blog as the title holds a lot of value in the success of your blog, but don’t get caught up in overthinking it.

Keep it interesting.

Keep it relevant.

Keep it keyword optimized.


Keep it under 50 characters.


3. Introduction

Think of this as a legit in life introduction…

If we met on the street, I wouldn’t say:

“Yeah, I love mac and cheese, I have 2 dogs and a cat, oh yeah and my name’s Tara.”

Why would I tell you those things, why should you care? And why would something so important to our introduction (my name) be an afterthought?

Instead keep it relevant to the topic, illuminate why your reader should continue reading, don’t be boring, and get the overall idea of what you would like the post to accomplish right away.

Oh, and AVOID rambling at all costs.


4. List all the points you’d like to make subheadings

Listing out the main points you want to elaborate on pull the piece together with the organization it needs.

Subheadings should be directly related to the topic and organized in a way that will produce the most sensible, intriguing article.

Here’s an example…

6 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Works for Businesses


  1. Reach of the platform
  2. Thought leadership
  3. Ability to interact with prospects and clients
  4. ROI is measurable
  5. Grow your online following
  6. Increase brand recognition


It’s extra helpful to write notes under each subcategory about things you don’t want to forget to touch on within in them.

BAM! Your outline is complete now on to the good stuff.



5. The ritual opening of tabs

Get all 50 of those tabs open and start researching your topic.

Even as an industry leader, industry-specific writer, or professional content writer–it’s still a must to research heavily to provide the informative aspect of the post.

Use this time to gather interesting quotes and stats about your topic.



6. Write!!!

Before you write a single word, remember this quote from Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing and digital marketing influencer,


“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”
Keep who you are writing for in the front of your mind and strive to give them valuable, actionable information.

Now, you can use the outline you created to guide the rest of the article.

After you’ve completed the meat of the blog, polish it off with a shining conclusion.

Any good blog article writer knows that your conclusion should be a wrap up, not a repeat of the article and don’t forget your call to action!


7. Add bonus material

When editing the piece, you’ll find that certain spots need to be elaborated on more or need more research to back them up.

Open those 50 tabs again and give your blog the extra information muscle it needs.

This is also a great time to go in and add backlinks to your site where appropriate just for that extra marketing push.


8. Don’t finish, ask questions 

Ask two different types of questions:

  1. Questions from your reader

Ask questions your reader would be asking in the beginning and throughout the post and make sure you’ve answered all of them.

  1. Questions to your reader

Here’s a callback to point number 6 of this article (CTA in your conclusion).

Lead up to your CTA by directly asking your readers’ questions that will get them to take action when you call them to it.

Here’s an example from an experienced blog article writer…

“Have you tried social media marketing for your company?

I mean really tried (not letting your secretary run your Facebook when she feels like it). Did you see results?

Unless you are strategically content marketing via your social platforms, of course you aren’t seeing results.

Hire us to strategize, market, manage, and build your social media platforms today!”


9. Rewrite your title

“What?! Rewrite my title? But, but I worked so hard on it in the first place!”

I know. It seems counterintuitive, but here is a pro tip for you…

After you’ve written the content for the blog, you may have found that while you stayed on topic, you’ve written where there is a more fitting or interesting title for it.

Rewrite it to fit the content you have in front of you while keeping in mind the rules from point number 2.


10. Publish and share

Phew! You’ve slaved away on this baby and now it’s time to introduce it to the world!

All there is left to do is format accordingly, keyword optimize it, and publish.

Once it’s published, hand it over to your social media manager to share, share, share!


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