Torchcoat Heater

Case Study: PR Strategy

Things went crazy in 48 hours, but it really took us 4 months of testing, tweaking, and modifying our PR strategy to reach the amazing success we had in a short period of time.

This case study is a short guide that exemplifies how we work at Article Writing Co and the success we have been able to deliver for one of our clients.

When everything falls into place, sometimes it may seem like success comes overnight.

In some ways it does – but the appearance of overnight success does not account for the months of hardwork and strategy that it takes to get to that one glorious moment.


Anthony DeVito, Co-founder of Torch Electrek, reached out to Article Writing Co in late August of 2017. Based in Denver Colorado, the team of outdoor enthusiasts had developed a product that heats any winter jacket, providing people with the tools they need to take their winter adventures to another level.

Anthony wanted to build his brand and prove his authority within the industry, but the bottom line was: sell more and gain exposure. 

Ultimately —> Anthony wanted to sell more of his product. Yes, he wanted to build his brand. Yes, he wanted to get more exposure and prove his authority within the industry.

But the bottom line was —> Sell More.

We knew the TorchCoat Heater was a great product, but how would we spread the word in a way that would grab people’s attention? PR to promote a product can often read like an advertisement or sales copy and consumers can be untrusting of “salesy” pitches and products. It’s not easy to nail down a bigger story to an inanimate object or product.


Here’s how we made the TorchCoat Heater an overnight success.

The Challenge

PR to promote a product can often be a challenging process without a clear strategy. It is too easy for a pitch to read like an advertisement or sales copy for that product.
The existence of a product in itself does not constitute a ‘story’ – there needs to be something more…


– What problems does it solve?

– Why is it unique or innovative?

– How does it impact the world?

However, it’s not always easy to nail down a bigger story to an inanimate object or product. This is why we always need to test and modify our approach over a period of time before we really start seeing results. We started to secure mentions in holiday gift guides and gear guides on publications like the Huffington Post and BraveSkiMom. Now, we truly had a pitch that worked!

“The Big Thing” Happened

We pitched a YouTuber about the TorchCoat Heater and he was fired up! Within 48 hours of receiving our sample, his review went live and the video garnered amazing attention with over 1,000,000 views in 24 hours! The next day, Anthony woke up to over 800 emails in his inbox inquiring about the TorchCoat Heater.


”The video racked up over 1 million views in 48 hours, which resulted in over 800 emails to Anthony’s inbox in one day.”

Director of Client Success –                   

This overnight success story is actually the culmination of months of hard work and strategy that got us and our client to this one glorious moment.

TorchCoat Heater received 1,000,000 views in the first 24 hours of the YouTube review and over 800 email leads, but that’s not all! The product was featured in 9 publications, giving the Torch Electrek team bragging rights from features in publications like HuffPost and DigitalTrends.

The evergreen content will continue to generate leads over time, offering Anthony the opportunity to continue to develop his brand as a leader in heated apparel.

Anthony was also interviewed on the Sirius XM radio show/podcast The Feed with Amber Mac and Michael B. 

" managed to get me into a number of publications, definitely exceeding my expectations. PR outreach is a very time consuming job and I often felt like I was wasting my time. It is worth every penny working with these guys. Thanks again to Darcy and the team for all their hard work!"

Anthony DeVito – Co-Founder, Torch Electrek

If these results speak to you, reach out and let’s chat about turning you into a Thought Leader with PR strategy!