Grove Group Case Study:

PR Strategies

AWC’s SEO Thought Leadership work helps Cannabis startups and entrepreneurs take the industry by storm. Grove Group Management is an investment vehicle led by former NFL Superstar Tiki Barber. We worked closely with their team creating PR strategies that generated dozens of super high value press hits including Fox, CNN, the WSJ, Forbes and Cheddar…


Cannabis is a fledgling industry, and this means that these are thrilling times for anybody involved! One of the main challenges that investors and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry face is that there are still a lot of questions out there. 

Our mission is to make sure that these questions are answered on high-profile forums so that the public can understand the values and benefits these products and services have to offer. 

Here are some of the major challenges we consider:

How can we establish the validity of cannabis-related businesses?

What is the impact of cannabis on the world?

What can we do to get cannabis to be taken seriously as a product?

We know just how fantastic these businesses can be and how many positive benefits they have to offer the world. We want to make sure everybody understands it as well as we do. So what is our approach to PR strategies and getting high value press hits? 


Our first goal is to drum up high-end national and international level coverage. We want to ensure that entrepreneurs have the legitimate forum they need to espouse all of the benefits that cannabis has to offer.

Our first priority is getting to know our clients and their product. We want to understand exactly what is they represent and what they want to say so we can find the right audience to make sure that we convey their message as clearly as possible. Once we fully understand our clients and what they stand for, we pick the best pitch and make it happen. 

When ex-NFL star Tiki Barber came to us with his cannabis investment firm, Grove Group Management, we knew right away that our first move would to be to leverage his star status to rustle up some major media attention. 

Needless to say, we saw our opening and didn’t sleep on it. Our hard work paid off and we immediately landed big hits with interviews on CNN and Cheddar TV.

Even more importantly, we want to put real faces and stories to these products that people can relate to. No flat, detached PR campaigns here! We want to show the world that inspired people with something to say head these businesses.



Dozens of Industry Specific Media Mentions and Features…

3 Super High Profile TV Interviews with CNN + Cheddar News…

If these results speak to you, reach out and let’s chat about turning you into a Thought Leader with incredible PR strategies!