SEO Content Audit Package 

Successful SEO Content Marketing Campaigns Are Rooted In A Strong Foundational Framework

We are committed to bringing significant value to our clients through results-oriented PR + SEO Content Marketing campaigns.

We drive impact because we do our homework…

Our campaigns are sown in high-quality intentional keyword research; competitive analyses; with a specific understanding of your target customer personas.

Who are your target customers? What are their motivations? How do they use search engines to find your services? Where do they read? What kind of content will compel them to buy?

Our content audit package reveals all of these insights and more.

To properly set up your SEO Thought Leadership Package (TLP), we must lay the groundwork. However, we don’t take on everyone that applies for a content audit. We only want to work with firms that will be eligible for our TLP. We only work with companies where we can provide a significant impact. 

At least 10x ROI!

We don’t want your money if we’re not confident that we can deliver results.

Trusted By Over 6000 Companies With Over 12 Years in Business

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What Comes with an SEO Content Marketing Audit?

Brand Content Strategy

Your brand is publishing written content online. Why? For who? What kind of brand guidelines should be adhered to? Do we have a sense of the tone/voice that the brand needs to speak from? Do we have hero author brands?

Intentional Keyword Research

Keyword research requires an understanding of business fundamentals. It requires that a smart marketer understands the intent with a variety of search queries. Not all traffic from search engines is created equal. Focusing your content marketing strategy against medium-high purchase intent keywords is the only way to drive real long term impact.

A Technical Website Audit

A prerequisite to success in driving traffic from search engines is that your website is technically excellent. There are hundreds of factors at play and they need to be optimized properly to incur wins with search engines. Without a technically optimized website, it will be hard to rank well for competitive keywords.

A Six Month Content Calendar

As part of our content audit, we develop a sample brand content marketing calendar. We tie in customer + keyword + competitive analysis to bring outlines for a hearty half years worth of content for your brand.

Competitive Analysis

Who are your key competitors online? What kind of search traffic are they driving? Where are they winning? Where are there low-hanging-fruit gaps that we can capture? What kind of content are they publishing? What kind of backlinks are they generating? Who are there author brands? What do they do on social media / third party websites? How can we form a winning path?

Target Customer Persona Research

It’s fairly obvious that writing great stories for the wrong audience is a dead-end strategy. The customer research portion of the content audit package is fairly hearty. Depending on what the client already has in place, we seek to develop digital customer avatars that properly inform on go-forward content strategy. This qualitative research is first-hand and custom fit to the client.

A Full Editorial PR and Backlink Plan

Finally, we tie our planning together with a full editorial PR and Backlink plan. We want to develop a path of maximum impact with SEO Backlinks, Press Features, and Guest Posts. What kind of backlinks does the website need? Where do we need to be generating press? How can we leverage press features for maximum SEO / branding impact? 

Strategic Business Requires Strategic Content.

Client Results


New Monthly Website Visitors

Contributing significantly to lead generation and business growth.

Over 120

New SEO Optimized Articles Published

Bringing targeted high impact search traffic through a broad HQ content marketing effort.


New Guest Posts and Media Partnerships

Building backlinks and brand optics through thought leadership outside media contribution.

The business grew north of $20m in AR. Raised $2.7m in funding. And the founder is a recurring contributor to Newsweek.

“Professional. Highly responsive. The quality of the thought leadership content and the coverage for Unbanked that they've achieved on third party websites has been phenomenal. Would highly recommend working with them. Can't say enough good things... ”

Ian Kane | Co-Founder and CEO, Unbanked