Unbanked Case Study: SEO Thought Leadership Strategy

AWC’s SEO Thought Leadership strategy with Unbanked helped them reach more than $20m in annual revenues; raise $2.7m in new funding; pull in more than 8k high impact clicks / month; raise their domain rating to 61; and get the founder featured in almost 40 publications, including as an expert in Newsweek.


In May 2021, Ternio rebranded its company as Unbanked, a financial service provider that focused on accessibility,
empowerment, and investment versatility. Their belief is that “financial access and control is a fundamental human
right enabled through the blockchain.”

While based in the United States, Unbanked’s audience extends across the globe. The company’s highly touted bank
accounts, for example, are available to users in over 200+ countries and territories.

Combining its core mission with a dynamic range of borderless, secure, blockchain-based services, Unbanked aims to
threaten the financial sector by freeing users from modern banks.

In transitioning its brand to be more internationally and socially focused, Unbanked would need to reposition its SEO
and conversion strategies as well as its go-to market approach.

Leading this brand and website overhaul would be Ian Kane, the Co-Founder and CEO of Unbanked. Ian’s authority
as a thought leader in crypto, fintech, and blockchain circles would be critical to the broadcasting of Unbanked’s new

To minimize the losses from its branded keyword transition, and to maximize the gains from its newly aligned target
audience and value proposition, Unbanked would need to seamlessly coordinate a new outreach, SEO, and thought
leadership campaign. 

A Challenge AWC Fully Embraced…


AWC would develop and implement a surgically valuable SEO Content Marketing campaign and Thought Leadership Strategy focused on bringing real business impact forward.

We worked with the Unbanked team to identify a wealth of keyword targets that would be both valuable traffic with high purchase intent, but also keywords with reasonable competition.

We produced and published over 120 thought leadership, SEO optimized blog articles to rank the website for a strong variety of medium-long tail keywords.

We published almost 50 guest post media features across the crypto media landscape, including expert contribution with Newsweek. Using these to both promote the founder Ian as a serious thought leader but also to build the backlink profile of the firm. 


35 to 63

Rise in Domain Rating over the life of our case study.

Over 12.5k

Monthly clicks from search engines

Over 100

Top 3 SERPs, including competitive terms like “when to buy bitcoin”

Almost 50

Media features and partnerships

“Professional. Highly responsive. The quality of the thought leadership content and the coverage for Unbanked that they've achieved on third party websites has been phenomenal. Would highly recommend working with them. Can't say enough good things... ”

Ian Kane – Co-Founder and CEO, Unbanked

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