Properly Case Study: Go-to-Market Strategy


Article Writing.Co helped Properly hit the ground running in terms of proper SEO execution. We worked with Properly to improve their website traffic and increased online visibility – thanks to our comprehensive go-to-market strategy that focused both on high quality content and a sophisticated SEO ecosystem.


As a new player in the real estate industry, Properly had branding and visibility challenges to overcome against well-established competitors. They also faced a customer education challenge as their tech-enabled innovation and brokerage model were unknown to the average home buyer or seller.

With a focus on online service, digital marketing was a top priority to drive growth and to establish the brand as a major disruptor within the real estate industry.

At the forefront of this go-to-market strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a critical tactic in strengthening Properly’s position as a leading Canadian brokerage.

Properly’s marketing goals included:

  • Acquire Keyword Rankings For Industry Relevant Terms
  • Increase Discoverability Online
  • Drive More Search Traffic To Their Website
  • Engage & Educate Their Audience With High-Quality Content
  • Convert More Traffic Into Leads & Active Users


Article-Writing.Co partnered with Properly in July, 2021 to provide a comprehensive go-to-market strategy with SEO content that directly addressed their goals. 

Our content marketing & SEO strategy was based on extensive keyword research, a high-level understanding of the real estate industry from over 10 years of experience helping realtors, brokerages, developers, and other major clients in the industry such as ReMax & Keller Williams, and a deep competitive analysis of leading online websites such as RocketMortgage & WealthSimple.

Article-Writing.Co developed an SEO keyword strategy based on the potential of over 4,391,410 queries in search volume.

This comprehensive research was strategically translated into hundreds of blog articles that were carefully optimized to competitively rank against significantly more established online competitive content.



Article-Writing.Co’s go-to-market strategy helped Properly acquire over 19,300 keyword rankings for industry relevant and geographically targeted search terms.

This has resulted in over 300,000 monthly visits to their website.

Over 65% of their website traffic is from search results with over 90% non-branded terms driving their organic traffic.

If these results speak to you, reach out and let’s chat about turning you into a Thought Leader with a go-to-market strategy!