5 Things That Happen When Your Word Choice is Too Simple

Ryan Velez, Health Content Specialist, Article-Writing.co

Posted On: March 06, 2018

While there are many different situations that follow sales principles, too many people get hung up on the classic image of the salesperson going door-to-door or working on the lot at a car dealership instead of on their word choice and product descriptions. Don’t neglect the importance of words. Look to this info from Dave Cook, sales expert and author of “How to be a GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning.”

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 9 million people in non-retail sales roles in the United States. We can assume most who start and stay in sales learn how to sell through on the job training and trial and error, given that there are very few preparatory programs to train people for a career in sales. Overall, salespeople note peers, managers, and official training resources as the top places they go to improve.”


As Cook explains, sales these days takes a lot of different forms, and product descriptions are one such example. We often talk about what happens when it comes to product descriptions being too long, but what about when things go the other way, and your word choice is too simple? Here’s how things can go wrong if you underestimate the importance of words.


1. Greater Risk of Generic Clichés

When it comes to sales and product copy, there’s a good chance that you aren’t breaking any new ground. This is no fault of your own, as there are many professionals walking the ground that you’re currently walking now. Part of the issue is when it comes to product descriptions, the simpler you go with your word choice, the harder it gets for you to avoid using clichés and other overused phrases. Many of these clichés were effective once upon a time, but constant use means they are associated with unoriginal and ineffective business. The last thing that you want is someone to be rolling their eyes or stop reading your description halfway-though because they think they’ve heard it before. The importance of words includes the words you don’t use.


2. Weak Sensory Images

With products sold online, we don’t have the benefit of having a customer hold the product in their hands or look at it in person. This is where a good product description is essential, as it can help people fill in that mental gap. Choosing certain words evokes certain qualities in the mind of the reader. It’s not as effective as the real thing, but it helps you stand above alternatives. However, if your word choice is too simple, the reader isn’t likely to get that. For example, if you are selling bath products, would you want something that “smells good” or has “a lush eucalyptus scent?” It’s not even close.


3. Harder To Determine What You Offer

When it comes to online reading, people have short attention spans. The importance of words also includes brevity: to help you to capture people’s attention quickly. Readers want to know what the features of your product are, what makes it better than the rest, and they want this information quickly. However, in an attempt to tone down your language in order to make it easier to understand, this may actually backfire. Overly simple language can also be vague language. If it’s not clear what your product offers, people will likely simply look elsewhere rather than try to figure it out themselves.


4. SEO Issues

If you run an e-commerce site with a lot of different items, chances are the bulk of the text of your website is going to be product descriptions. As a result, it’s important that you are doing everything you can to position yourself in front of the right type of customer. The main thing to understand is that word choice is also keyword choice. If your word choice is too simple, you may not be using the keywords that people would be using to search for your products.


5. Not Catching Your Ideal Audience

These last two points regarding the importance of words touch on a common theme: the fact that you need to target a certain audience. From our SEO efforts to our choice of language, much of advertising is designed to make your product as appealing as possible to a group of potential customers. When you go too simple, you lose that specificity. A product for everyone is a product for no one, the last thing you want as a business owner.

importance of words

Striking the balance between brevity and going too far is tough, especially from the perspective of you as a non-writer but product expert. You have both the passion and the knowledge to go on for days, but may lack the writing skills to get all that into something that matches the modern attention span while hitting all the important points. To make sure you are using the importance of words to your benefit, enlist a professional writing service to make sure that your product descriptions are the best they can be.

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