Why Your Company’s Blog is Not Working? 7 Reasons to Blog

Posted : June 22, 2022

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If you’ve got a blog for your business, driving results is on your mind. Having your blog is only one small piece of what it takes to see benefits from it. It would be best if you also had quality article content writing.

Your blog should be written by someone who knows how to use it as a marketing vessel. They should know what mistakes to avoid and that the components to make your blog successful aren’t limited to excellent article content writing. It takes audience relation, keyword research, a compelling point related to your niche, and a clear call to action.

If you don’t see an ROI from your business blog, which comes from new leads, conversion, increased traffic and rank, you should consider letting your blog change hands to a custom article content writing service.

Blog content marketing is precisely that–marketing. It can and should be measured for its success. Here are a few reasons your business blog isn’t working.

Before you start blogging for business, make sure to do an SEO audit and define your pain points.

You Don’t Understand Your Ready

It all starts with who you’re writing for. If you know your audience and produce article content writing tailored for them, you’ll retain their attention and earn their business.

Your target audience should be your priority. Know them, know what they want, what they’re searching for and give it to them.

An article by Webhostingsecrets.net gives 12 in-depth ways to understand your audience. Some of the more poignant points made in the article were to think about your ideal audience and do research on them. You can also look further into your niche via niche-specific forums to discover what your target audience is looking at and finding interest in.

Your business blog may be killing it in the content department, but if it’s falling short in this area, it’s all for not.

You’re Hosting Poor Quality Content

If the article content writing for your blog is lackluster or the content is irrelevant or directionless, it’s just a waste of space on your site. Your readers should come away feeling like they got something out of your content,with a more vested interest in your company and be compelled to share your content.

Well-written, custom content is the only way you’re going to do that. Churning out the same content as every other business in your industry isn’t going to cut it.

Your problem could be one of a million, but a few common mistakes include:

  • Poor grammar, spelling, or punctuation
  • Message isn’t compelling/ too vague
  • Not relatable to the reader
  • You’re taking forever to get to the point
  • It’s just outright boring

You’re Picking the Wrong Topics

For a business blog to be successful, it needs to be focused on topics that are both relevant and interesting for the target audience. Without targeted content, readers will feel disconnected from the company and abandon the blog quickly. 

To avoid this, research what people in the industry want to read about and post content that is valuable enough to make them keep coming back. 

Your company’s blog should become a hub of helpful information related to your brand and customers should view it as a source of useful advice. By optimizing your posts carefully and providing engaging content, you can guarantee your blog’s success.

  • Too broad, leading to higher competition, not tapping into your niche market
  • Not relevant to your reader
  • Not optimized for best search results

Your Content Doesn’t Stand Out

If you’re wondering why your company’s blog isn’t achieving the desired results, chances are it’s because your content is not standing out among the crowd. 

In the world of digital marketing, it’s increasingly difficult to make an impact with content that isn’t engaging and different. Your readers have already seen or heard it all before and they are looking for fresh perspectives or exciting new topics. 

It’s no longer enough to post bland advertising pieces – make sure they convey a cohesive message while providing real value to everyone who reads them. 

Strike a balance between thought-provoking, informative posts with promotional messages that underscore the unique features of your product or service. With research, creativity and commitment to excellence, you will be able to create content that sets your company apart from the rest.

  • Repurposing old content
  • Not taking advantage of trending subjects
  • The article content writing hasn’t been customized to suit your business
  • The outcome isn’t useful or helpful to your reader

No call to action

Your business blog should be your greatest sales tool. It requires so little work from you and its ROI can’t be beat. One of the main things every blog should have is a call to action.

Jeremy Smith underlined this point in his article for MarketingLand saying, “There’s no such thing as a successful marketing campaign unless there is a successful CTA.”

Readers should be directed to act on whatever service or product you provide through a topic-relevant, persuasive CTA. Remember, blog content marketing is what’s going to drive your results and your blog should take every opportunity to promote your business.

You Haven’t Found the Right Marketing Strategy

With blogging, as with anything, you need a goal. Your marketing strategy should be like a business plan: laid out clearly, with concise means to achieve the end goal.

This can be tricky if the person producing your article content writing your blog doesn’t understand how to market your brand using your blog. Each post should have a goal to achieve in the areas of gaining leads, lead conversion, improved rank, SEO for your website, or building your brand.

A few basics in your marketing strategy might include:

  • encouraging email subscriptions
  • planned posting frequency
  • social media schedule
  • Have I said CTA already?

Blog content marketing isn’t a science–it’s a process of strategy – eliminating what’s not working, and using what you know about your readers to provide compelling content that gets results.

You’re Hiding Your Blog Content

If your blog isn’t being shared on social media, or you aren’t letting your email list know about it, you’re doing it wrong.

This is a mistake plenty of companies make, generally because there seems to be this misconception that just having a blog is all you need to reap its benefits. Not true!

Everyone on your email list and your other platforms should know when you publish a post, directing them to read it, and in turn achieving the goal that was set for it. 

After publishing your blog post, it’s time to start promoting it to get the most readers as possible. One way is to share the post on social media platforms, with a catchy description that will draw people in. 

If you have a website, make sure to set up redirects from old blog posts or pages to your new content so readers can find it easily. Additionally, you can use outreach tools such as email campaigns to reach those in your network who might be interested in the content. 

Lastly, don’t forget about forums and comment boards related to your topic – this is a great place for discussion and promotion, and an effective way to learn about what people think of your work!

Custom Writing Agencies Do It Best

It’s not enough anymore to get your content from online mills pushing out substandard work (not that that’s ever been enough), to have an in-house writer that’s not making the cut, or to do it yourself. If it’s keeping you from other tasks and you aren’t able to give your full attention to understanding and executing a compelling business blog–hire someone that can and will.

Consider using a custom article content writing service and take the guesswork out of composing fantastic content. You won’t have to ask yourself why your business blog isn’t working because most custom article content writing services offer a full arsenal of vetted writers that know the ins and outs of blogging for your business.


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