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The Company You Keep: 5 Reasons Your Marketing Agency Needs to Hire Content Writing Experts

As an expert in marketing strategies and techniques, your customers undoubtedly rely on you to get them conversions. You help your customers gain traffic through SEO tactics and link building, which ultimately comes from content creation. While your team’s expertise lies in marketing, content creation services may not be what your team excels at. Here’s where it’s tempting to hire cheap content writers, but this is a major mistake. By hiring a reliable content agency for your marketing agency’s content creation needs, you will save yourself not only time, but money, and you may even gain a new customer or two. That’s right: you’ll gain customers from hiring a content agency. Here are five reasons why you need to hire a content company for your marketing agency.

In-House Writers Are No Fun

Sure, you could put out a job ad, offer a salary and benefits and build your own in-house writing team. You could also sell all your belongings and move to some remote off-the-grid location, but neither of these options are any fun .

The amount of work you will put just into the hiring process, never mind the training and the bureaucracy involved with having salaried employees, will be immense and it may not be worth it. Writers easily come and go, no matter how much time you’ve put into the relationship and good people are really hard to find. Not as hard as finding your keys in the morning when you are already running late, but difficult all the same.

Lori Meloche from MacRAE’S loves the freedom of not having to hire and use in-house writers. She enjoys having only one contact relationship, one billing cycle, and one business contact when working with a content writing agency. “This is much easier than individual relationships with freelance writers or hiring and managing an internal team, which comes with both upfront and ongoing costs,” she says.

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Content Agencies Provide a Variety of Skill-Sets That You Can’t Get From Individual Writers

When you work with a large content agency that employs 100+ writers, the pool of diversity is great. Specific experience with real estate? Check. Dentistry? Check. The new Ford Focus? Check. When you hire a content agency there is always someone on the team who has specific expertise in what you need. You just can’t get that from an in-house writing team. There is total strength in numbers.

Rob, a digital marketer located in the U.S., says, “A good content agency will have writers who have been writing about specific fields for a long period of time and can create very technical articles that will please clients when they see them. An example of this includes doctors and lawyers. Having a content agency that has technical writers is a huge benefit to us because we don’t have to go out and find freelance writers for that specific niche.”

Lori agrees, “I think the biggest advantage in using a content agency, is that you have the ability to offer writers to your clients that have a vast amount of knowledge in specific topics or industries.  Good writers can write about almost anything, but it becomes a much better piece when you select a writer that has a particular background or knowledge in a subject, especially when it comes to very technical writing .”

Content Agencies Vet the Writers – and Their Work

Because all a writing agency does is provide content – they know writers – and know how to find the right ones. Writers are vetted for not only writing skill and knowledge, but for reliability and professionalism. They don’t need to know how to make a pizza from scratch, but they do need to know how to use an apostrophe. Rather than having to deal with writers who flake out on projects, don’t have the required experience, or who don’t know the difference between a keyword and a buzzword, a marketing agency can sit back with a triple latte  and wait for their desired content to be delivered.

Not only this, the work will be exactly what they wanted – the first time – and that’s probably more than they can say for their Starbucks order. All of the work is already edited and checked for plagiarism and conforms to the specific instructions given. Rob says, “The two main reasons that we use a content agency are because they already have writers who had been vetted and understand the writing processes. As part of a larger company, they are managed and overseen by editors that we don’t have to worry about. We can work with the agency to train the writers as needed and the content agency can help us mold the writers to our individual style of what we may need for clients.”


Content Agencies Help You Meet Your Deadlines

Email after email, phone call after phone call, ping after ping on your phone and funny cat memes are waiting for your attention. You know those days well and that overwhelming feeling of never getting ahead of your endless to-do list. One of the best pieces of advice for getting out from under your pile of work is to outsource it. Once you get behind, it is insanely difficult to catch up and by enlisting help, you will be able to move forward much easier. Your clients will be happier, and you’ll be happier, and you’ll have time to run out and get another triple latte (are you feeling the caffeine buzz yet?). Content writing agencies can usually return content within a few days of ordering, even if the order is large, and it will be completely ready to send to your client. Your client will be impressed with your speed and you can cross one more thing off your to-do list, and we all know that feeling is worth more than gold.

Lori says one of the biggest downfalls of hiring a content agency is that not all of them are reliable or large enough to handle their needs and meet the deadlines. Once you find the one that is consistent with quality and getting you what you need in a timely manner, you may think you’ve won the lottery . “Our clients are trusting us to provide content in a regular timely schedule, and if we have an agency cancel working for us we are in a bit of a difficult situation transferring the work to another agency and ensuring that our clients are happy with the new writers,” she says.


Content Agencies Help You Grow Your Client Base

We all want to make more money, that’s a given. We wouldn’t be doing what we do if we didn’t. Growing your client base is one of the most important factors that help you achieve success. More clients = more money. You may have 99 problems, but your clients shouldn’t be one. So, how can a content agency help you make more money? Scaling, that’s how. Lori says, “Scaling your business in size is the ultimate goal and it is easier to do when you don’t have to worry about hiring the right internal writers before you have enough work to keep them busy. Your business can easily on-board a significant amount of new clients and you know that you can easily call your agency to have all of these clients worked on at the same time without getting behind on servicing them.”

Never having to say no to a new or existing client is a huge reason that marketing agencies choose to use a content agency. Knowing they have the resources to make any wish come true for their clients is immeasurable. But, it is important not to wait until the ask comes in to source a content provider. Start by developing a relationship with the company and getting them to deliver on small tasks for you, so you can learn about their processes and the quality of the work they provide. That way when your client comes to you requesting 100 articles by Wednesday, you know you’ve got the right people for the job.

Rob says that scalability is the main reason they use content agencies. “When you work with a large number of clients and they all have different content needs you can become quickly overwhelmed. Having an outside content agency that can meet those needs and writes specific things for specific clients really helps alleviate the day-to-day content necessities of our digital marketing agency. It also helps that they have the sheer numbers to process a lot of pieces of content. We look for a content agency that is able to scale to meet needs, especially when we’re talking about 1000 to 1500 pieces of content a month. It’s also nice to have writers who understand different kinds of businesses from service businesses, HVAC businesses to doctors to lawyers; a good content agency has these kinds of writers at their disposal.”