4 Content Strategies for Financial Professionals to Dominate their Niche

Posted : May 11, 2018

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We all have our favorite financial blogs where we can’t bear to miss a post, but have you ever stopped to consider exactly what it is that makes your most beloved content so unmissable? Doing so could give you invaluable insight into what your financial blog could be doing better… Let’s talk content marketing financial services. As a former financial writer turned financial marketing expert, I’m a huge fanboy of Rockstar Finance.
If you’ve shown any interest in personal finance content over the last five years, you’ve probably heard of them.

Within the finance niche, it’s a brand that seems to be everywhere. It’s not only a case of the content being awesome either. There are several strategies this website operates, which are easily replicable.

Below, we list four content strategies has allowed Rockstar Finance to dominate its competitors the way Tiger Woods dominated the PGA Tour in his prime. Follow them and you could transform into a content marketing rockstar too.

1. Regular, Useful Content

They say the secret to success in business is to create a product that the target audience can’t live without.

This is what Rockstar Finance appears to aim for with its articles. Every new financial blog post will help the audience save money or make money, and who doesn’t want to either of these things? There’s no fluff. Only useful, actionable advice that’ll help you improve your finances.

What’s more, they’re posting new content every day, with titles that can’t help but draw intrigue.

content marketing financial services

2. Financial Blog Curation

Most of the content shared by Rockstar Finance isn’t even based on its website. Every day, they publish a collection of the best personal finance content they’ve found on the internet.

This strategy helps attract people who want awesome content delivered to them quickly. It also helps people spread word of their brand. When bloggers are featured by Rockstar Finance, they typically tell all of their social media followers about it. Understandably, they’re very proud.

This enthusiasm spreads, adding to the brand’s prestige and making more people curious about it. It was a tweet similar to the one above that attracted me to the Rockstar Finance website for the first time.

3. Collaborations

Climbing to the top of the content mountain is much harder if you do it alone. Most of the top bloggers will collaborate with other professionals in their niche, so that both parties can grow their audiences.

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to collaborate with other bloggers in your niche. Doing so exposes your brand to a new audience who are likely to be interested in your content. If you include a link to your website within the post, it’s a great way to boost your backlink profile,  and therefore your search rankings, too.

Rockstar Finance regularly submits guest posts for Business Insider, Invibed, and The Financial Diet. If you’re interested in guest posting for popular blogs in your niche, talk to us today.

content marketing for finance

4. Build an Email List

Email marketing is far from dead. The open rate for marketing emails is far higher than the average reach for Facebook Pages. You can build an army of loyal readers within your email list, provided that your content is unique and useful.

The daily Rockstar Finance email features a bigger collection of articles than what is posted on their blog, a quote of the day, three fun facts, and four interesting nuggets from the web.

There’s a clear incentive to subscribe to their email list, which is why they’ve attracted over 7,000 subscribers.

Are You Ready to be a Rockstar?

The new owner of Rockstar Finance, known only as ESI, said: “The fact that a community has formed around Rockstar has helped it remain strong and grow. In particular, the forums where we discuss all things money blogging is a great meeting place for so many.”

“In the future, I think Rockstar will keep growing and succeeding by building upon these past accomplishments and coming up with new, innovative programs that help readers find great content and bloggers share their great content.”
It might take months or years of consistent quality posting to dominate your niche as well as Rockstar Finance, but the tips above will help get you there faster. For more advice, see our guide on writing the perfect blog article or team up with our professional writers to take your content, and your blog, to rockstar levels. Content marketing for financial services can do wonders to build your Thought Leadership, audience, and increase your customer’s trust in you and your services.

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