How to Write a Blog Article to Maximize SEO Impact

By: David Tile| Founer @ Article-Writing.co

Posted On: January 13, 2017
Optimizing your blog articles for more traffic and leads requires thoughtfulness, planning, and knowledge of SEO best practices.

When we take on high-value projects with our customers, at 25 cents to 50 cents / word, we take the time to craft our work against these best practices. The work is engaging, thought provoking and crafted to be truly valuable to your audience. But also crafted to be valuable in the name of generating search rankings in the long term. What follows are the factors that will maximize the SEO impact of your blog articles (of course you could always just hire an SEO blog writing services 😉

How SEO Blog Writing Services Pick Keywords

You or your SEO blog writing services want to make sure that the keywords that you choose to highlight are high impact. This means that you spend a minute to uncover the way that people are searching for your business. There is a big difference, for example in the following keywords…

  • Accountant >> Best Accountant in Miami
  • How to Write a Blog Article >> Buy Unique Articles

Offhand you should have dozens if not hundreds of long and longer tail keywords that you are targeting and tracking.

Go to Google’s Keyword Planner and start to play around. Build out different permutations. There is a difference between “best accountant in miami” and “best accountancies in downtown miami” and you should know the associated volume for each of these terms.

When writing, decide which keywords you want to hit and build an article around this. Include keywords in the article heading, title and the URL. This will optimize your post’s visibility with search engines, making it easier for a web crawler to match your content with a query.

  • Use your primary and secondary keywords in headers in your article.
  • Include captions and alt tags for your images – and include your keyword targets across the board.
  • Use a meta-description with keywords to help you rank higher in search results.
    • Review competitors to see how yours compares.
  • Aim for keyword density of approximately 0.5%
    • If your article is 1000 words, your primary keyword should appear at least 5 times.


Content Writing for SEO

List Articles, How-to tips, and content that informs are all great tools for attracting visitors. Showcase your expertise by writing on topics you are familiar with – you don’t need to write articles that are just SEO filler. You want to write articles that your audience (potential customers) are going to love. An article they will share.

When writing, make sure to include links to outside source. This will help establish the blog as crawl-able and a good part of the linked internet. But don’t just pop in random links. Source great quotes that enrich the content. Seek out the best, most credible sources to enrich your own content.

You can source an article writing service or buy SEO articles by experts and social influencers in your industry to produce content regularly or periodically.


How To Distribute Your Blog Article for Maximum SEO Impact

Your job does not end when the work has been published – maximum SEO impact will be realized through readership, shares, and backlinks generated from semi-viral posts. The more people share your work, the more opportunities for quality backlinks.

Promote your blog articles through your social media channels. Publish to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Send out a note to your email list. Ask those of influence (that you have a relationship with) to share the articles.

Build a community around your blog. Invite readers to submit topic ideas. Invite them to submit comments. If the topics don’t resonate with your audience, you won’t see the levels of high engagement you’re hoping for.

Find social influencers, forums, local experts and businesses willing to share your blogs with their audience. This will build your authority and recognitions with search engines more quickly, allowing you to rank higher over time.