Is Thought Leadership Worth It? Your Questions Answered

Posted : November 16, 2022

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Is Though Leadership Worth It Your Questions Answered

Have you heard the term thought leadership tossed around and didn’t feel it applies to you? 

Often, exceptional industry experts don’t recognize their potential to inform and inspire the masses by sharing their voices. 

As a thought leader, you can share insightful content focused on niche industry topics to inspire innovation and progress. If you’re still hesitant about trying thought leadership, let us reassure you that it’s definitely worth exploring. 

Is thought leadership for me?

We commonly face clients who are potential thought leaders but are uncertain about whether it’s worth producing their own content. They will focus all their attention and marketing efforts on their business, not realizing that thought leadership is one of the most powerful and worthy marketing approaches out there. 

Understandably, taking the leap of faith to promote your professional brand can be a little nerve-wracking. However, you already have the ambition and courage to lead a business or corporation. 

Those qualities are what you need to be a thought leader. It’s time to turn the spotlight toward your own platform. Remember, thought leadership is not just meant to benefit you, but your business, too. It’s an ultimate win-win situation.

John Jones, PropTech Thought Leader

John is recognized as a thought leader in PropTech (property technology), whose work has been published in several articles, including the interaction of real estate with the future of work, artificial intelligence (AI), and modernization. John also serves as a spokesperson on real estate industry matters and as a resource for members of the media writing on real estate. We asked John a few questions about thought leadership.


John Jones, PropTech Thought Leader

Could you give an overview of your involvement in the world of PropTech, and a bit about what you and the other Editorial Board members at Propmodo do?

John Jones, considered a thought leader in PropTech (property technology), is a prolific producer of thoughts and musings on the interaction of real estate with the future of work, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation; that have appeared and been quoted in numerous publications.

Additionally, John regularly briefs and advises real estate developers and building managers on ways to utilize technology, innovation, and data to enhance the “profitability, safety, work, live and play experience” in built spaces. Propmodo is the most influential media source about the future of real estate.

As a member of Propmodo’s Editorial Board, John serves with an independent panel of real estate experts and thought leaders who provide expert opinions in articles, reports, podcasts and roundtable sessions to help guide the direction of editorial content for the publication. 

There seems to be a lot of growth opportunity, given the intersection between the financial services, real estate and technology industries. What big opportunities for PropTech do you see coming up, and do you see where a thought leadership initiative would be effective?

The intersection between the financial services, real estate and technology industries provide an opportunity for growth that is substantial for both real estate investors, owners, managers, and end-users (customers and tenants).

For example, through the first half of 2022 a record $13.1 billion was invested in real estate tech and PropTech firms, with venture capital funding increasing by $700 million compared to the first half of 2021.

Investment is flooding into PropTech, often directed to modernizing tech-resistant aspects of real estate such as construction, appraisals, title insurance, or mortgage closings.

Additionally, when geared to prioritizing profitability and enhancing cost savings, PropTech can be used to streamline the rental process for investors through software applications, credit checks, rent collection and property management as well as through the leveraging of artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the difficult and ongoing analytical challenge of forecasting demand.

What kinds of communities are you passionate about as a thought leader in PropTech? How could PropTech benefit those communities and create positive change?

Recently, John Jones released his Real Estate 2025 Plan that envisions facilitating the creation of new and innovative micro-communities in the urban core tied around shared interests and/or cultural commonalities.

Specifically, his Real Estate 2025 Plan foresees utilizing data science and technology to boost safety while enhancing opportunities to involve Black real estate developers, contractors, vendors, and the visual arts community in urban-centered real estate development projects. 

The potential of PropTech’s power can positively transform how we live, work, and solve problems that can give rise to daily negative interactions. John’s goal is to embrace real estate technology and innovation with this positive spirit of problem-solving so that the built-world challenges of today can turn into the solutions of tomorrow.

Will people want to hear what I say as a thought leader?

According to a poll conducted by Forrester, out of all content marketing shared by a business, thought leadership materials are the most impactful. People are naturally inclined to seek humanity behind the businesses around them. While using humanistic wording in your marketing helps, revealing the face behind the curtain will give your business an edge over others. 

Your thought leadership will be valuable to people who care about your industry. You could access a broad audience beyond your company following as you share your expertise about the field. For example, if you run a tech startup, your content should discuss new trends, industry changes, or successful strategies that people want to learn. You’re focusing beyond your company products and services and starting a conversation about niche happenings and concepts that your target audience will care about.

Could thought leadership seem salesy? 

No. Thought leadership content aims to demonstrate your passion for the industry and build credibility around your business. You’ll achieve this by sharing your expertise, not promoting your products and services.

As an executive, you’ve acquired a whole catalog of knowledge and experiences that people will want to know. Your quality content is meant to educate your followers about something important to them. With niche industry coverage, you could simultaneously engage your consumers, professional network, and employees. You’ll position yourself as an authority in your field, making people trust your company’s products and services. 

That’s why thought leadership is considered passive marketing, as you share stories and information while subtly demonstrating to readers that they should support your business. By speaking on a personal level rather than gimmicky sales talk, you can connect with your audience and earn their trust in your brand as an industry leader. 

What if I run out of things to say? 

You should commit to your niche market when sharing thought leadership content. However, the options for your subject matter are endless. When you see something happening locally, nationally, or around the world that impacts your industry, consider your personal outlook and share it.

Choose from informational content to opinion pieces (keep it neutral and non-controversial if you do). Share success stories from your business, inform your followers of roadblocks you’ve experienced in your past and how you overcame them. The beauty of thought leadership is that it’s about sharing your personal voice.

As our Director of Content Marketing and Strategy, Kyle Meagher, claims, “Thought leadership is like singing. The goal is to find your pitch and genre so you can show off what you do best.”

You have a unique talent as an industry leader, so use that to your advantage. Focus on your genre, offer a consistent pitch to provide strong thought leadership materials that your audience will look forward to reading on a regular basis.

Some other content ideas for your thought leadership include:

  • Projecting company updates
  • Sharing advice for future leaders
  • Showing your support for other industry leaders
  • Highlighting innovations in your field
  • Educating your followers about niche topics

What if I don’t have time to try thought leadership?

At, we understand that you have a lot on your plate as an executive. You have plenty of responsibilities, so it could be challenging to find the time to write daily social media posts, well-researched blogs, or guest posts. On top of that, we understand that writing may not be your thing.

We don’t want that to stop you from amplifying your voice so you can earn a broader audience, strengthen your network, build brand awareness for your business, and consequently earn more revenue. There are so many benefits available at your fingertips, and not having the time or being a pro writer shouldn’t stop you from having access to them.

That’s why we offer the Thought Leadership Package. Our team of strategists will conduct meetings to learn your voice and your unique angle as an industry leader. We’ll then produce high-quality, engaging content that will build clout and help you be everywhere. Consider us your producers who will take your talents, shape them, and enhance them through content marketing. 

Feeling more confident in becoming a thought leader? Contact us today, learn more about our Thought Leadership Package or order a free SEO audit


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