How Real Estate Agents Get Press

Posted : April 20, 2022

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Why should real estate agents worry about getting press?

You do your own advertising, and you can have a steady business without concerning yourself with the trouble of looking for publicity. So, why should you care if you are getting press attention?

The answer is actually pretty simple: press = attention and attention = leads. Obviously, there are nuances to this, but generally, this is true most of the time. Good press scores you:

  • Backlinks to your website, boosting SEO value.
  • New social followers.
  • Brand value, establishing yourself as an expert.
  • Direct website traffic.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Leads, plain and simple. People read about you and will call.

The life of a Real Estate Agent is busy and layered, including multiple showings, new listings, and closing deals. As a result, PR may not be high on the priority list. 

If you’re a Real Estate professional and you’re unsure if press coverage is something that you need, what follows will break down a few of our simplest methodologies for generating press coverage.

The interesting thing is that it boils down to a combination of relationships, expertise, and grunt work.

Benefits of PR for Real Estate Agents

Besides getting more listings, real estate agents who get press reap plenty of valuable rewards. When a Realtor is featured in a magazine or newspaper, does a public speaking engagement, or consults on a journalist’s story, they actively take steps toward growing and diversifying their career. Some of the most significant benefits of getting press and using PR for Real estate professionals are:

Better search engine rankings

Press coverage drives new visitors and increases traffic. The more varied the press coverage an Agent receives, the more they’ll see traffic come in from different sources besides just interested buyers. Other publications, businesses, or online outlets will generate backlinks to realtors’ sites, further boosting their page ranking.

Establish industry expertise

Getting press is a two-way street for Real Estate Agents and journalists. Agents who are interviewed or contribute to news stories on the local housing market, the current financial climate, or market trends become known throughout the community as thought leaders or specialists. The more they’re willing to contribute insider information, the more free press they gain. Buyers will become familiar with realtors’ names and will start to seek them out when it comes time to buy or sell.

Online exposure

Press coverage and social media go hand in hand, so when an outlet publishes a story on a real estate agent, they are exposed to that outlet’s followers, helping to grow an agent’s own list of followers and subscribers. Agents rely on these social contacts for networking and finding potential new clients.

Develop a personal brand

Personal branding takes shape when a Realtor can show off multiple sides to their career and personality in everything that they do. Press adds another layer to an Agent’s image in whatever niche they want to position themselves in, whether it’s high-end listings, character homes, or the condominium market.

Build connections and networks

Once other journalists see that a realtor is a willing participant as a source for one story, they’re more likely to be approached by journalists from other outlets. 

Arizona realtor Raena Janes describes her ongoing relationship with the press as “open channels of communication, ” saying, “The main way they [Realtors] get press is through being featured in articles giving advice about how to purchase a home, what questions to ask, and how to attract millennials. Press adds another layer to an Agent’s image in whatever niche they want to position themselves in, whether it’s in high-end listings, character homes, or the condominium market.”

How Real Estate Agents Get Press

Having a unique point of view on the industry or providing local market insights makes all the difference in whether reporters want to use a real estate agent for their stories or write a piece on them. The best ways for Real Estate professionals to get themselves in front of journalists is by:

  • Being newsworthy – Having insider knowledge of the market or Real Estate trends that you see makes all the difference when trying to pitch a story to the press. Realtor Russ Moroz recommends that “real estate agents ask themselves why the story would be relevant to readers before pitching the story to reporters.”
  • Pitching their story –It’s critical for Real Estate professionals to actively seek out reporters who are willing to write about them and give them the coverage they need to build their careers. Hone in on who the most relevant journalists are in the Real Estate industry and approach them with well-thought-out pitches that are too good to pass up. Russ Moroz advises Real Estate Agents to “do your homework on reporters that may be interested in a story and reach out to them directly.”
  • Responding to source requests – When Real Estate Agents take an active role in participating in journalistic stories as sources, they are making themselves known among the press and opening themselves up for future opportunities. Using a site like HARO is a great way for Real Estate Agents to connect with journalists who need quotes for their stories.

Real Estate PR Success Stories

All of this may sound great theoretically, but unless we reveal some real-life success stories, it’s nothing more than a concept. Fortunately, there are many Realtors who have seen PR work for them. Raena James has been featured in Realtor Mag several times and has found that “the more open I am with reporters, the more likely they will be to come back and feature me in more articles they are writing.”

Russ Moroz believes, “The press coverage helps in solidifying me as an expert in the market.” He has gained coverage on several properties that he sold in California due to his unique spin on the story and his active approach to contacting journalists directly.

Craft a Winning PR Strategy

Getting press as a real estate professional is beneficial for one’s brand. However, creating the right story or connecting with a journalist at the right time isn’t always easy, especially when juggling a busy career that involves working around the clock. For real estate agents, the best choice is to reach out to a PR specialist for help in getting the press they want without the work. understands realtor needs and the lucrative opportunities available to connect them with journalists who are hungry for sources on this ever-changing market that is relevant to a significant portion of the population. Learn more about our article writing services and how they will help you!


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