Use your Blog to Drive Sales to your eCommerce Store

Posted : June 28, 2017

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Use your Blog to Drive Sales to your eCommerce Store

Tara Crutchfield | Senior Writer,

Posted On: June 28, 2017
Talk to any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you they’re doing everything they can to make their endeavor work. If your endeavor happens to be an ecommerce store and you already have ecommerce content writing on your site–here’s to you!
If you don’t…you need some.

What’s the point of having a blog for your ecommerce store? Sales, of course!

In eCommerce content writing content is king

With the boom in ecommerce, you need to make sure your site has keyword-rich, relevant content developed by an expert in ecommerce content writing to stand out.

Aside from standing out amongst your competition, the benefits of custom content are tangible.

What exactly is a blog going to do for your ecommerce site?

  1.     Increase traffic

To give you a better understanding of how blogging can increase your traffic, Jayson DeMers explained it like this, “In terms of search engine rankings, I like to think of blogging as fishing. The more hooks you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish. In the same way, as you add more content to your site, more pages from your domain become indexed in search engines. This improves organic search visibility and increases website traffic.”

Increased traffic = increased sales.

  1.     ROI

Think about it like this, you put a blog post out there once and it could keep bringing in returns years from now.

What kind of other sales tool requires that small of an investment and that long of a return period? None.  

  1.     Command of your field

The word “authority” gets thrown around a lot when discussing content marketing and for good reason. Custom content for the readers of your ecommerce blog will give you command of your market through the expert information you provide.

Who do customers buy from? Companies they trust.

More specifically, companies they trust to give them solid information that they can use to make a purchase decision.

Companies like Shopify with ecommerce and 99designs with design services have honed in on becoming the authority in their field and turning their expertise into cash flow!

For the sake of not providing you a novel, I’ve only listed 3. If you want to learn more about what a blog can do for your business, here are 7 more excellent incentives to prioritize your business blog this year!


Product comparison and reviews: Helping your customer research your products 

Reviews and comparisons are great! But…how do you get them?

In comes your handy-dandy ecommerce blog to save the day! Your blog will encourage engagement and activity from the online community. Use it to interact with bloggers that do reviews and comparisons.

A quick Google search on ‘blogs that review products’ brought up this TwirlyGirl post about the top 10 mom bloggers to review products. Twirly Girl isn’t just any ole’ blog, it’s a blog on their ecommerce site!

I found this post, doing what most customers are doing when doing their research online–looking for reviews and comparisons. That post is a great example of interesting, sought-after content.

A significant 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying.

Shoppers come for the information and stay for the purchase!


Feeling out the market

Inventory selection for future products can be tricky. You don’t want to invest too much into a product that won’t be a hit among shoppers.

Use your ecommerce blog to feel out your customers.

“Every entrepreneur should count on at least a couple of adjustments or pivots before they get it right. The challenge is to spend minimal time and money learning. After a few blogs about your concept, the comments better match your passion, or it’s time to rethink your idea.” –Marty Zwilling, CEO and founder of Startup Professionals, Inc., a company designed to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners find mentoring and resources.
Listicles (Top 10 This or 5 Must-Have That) are a fantastic way to grab attention because who doesn’t love a good list?! But, they’re also useful for gauging product popularity.

For instance, if you were thinking about adding sleeping bags to your sporting-goods store, you could post a list of the top 10 sleeping bags of 2017. Then, use your engagement and comments to decide which brand you’d like to carry.

The reverse is also true that you can use any negative reviews or comparisons or unfavorable comments on a product or service to cut the inventory that’s not good for your wallet or your reputation.

Photograph by Bench Accounting via Unsplash

Sales! Sales! Sales! Hire an eCommerce content writing expert

Taking everything above into consideration, starting a blog for your ecommerce store is a pretty great idea!

Even better–you don’t have to worry about it. There are writing agencies that staff writers specialized in ecommerce content. Don’t worry about the content, don’t worry about the strategy. That’s what your writer is for.

All you need to focus on now is growing your ecommerce store!



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