7 Reasons to Prioritize Your Company Blog

Posted : December 29, 2016

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7 Reasons to Prioritize Your Company Blog

By: David Tile| Founer @ Article-Writing.co

Posted On: December 29, 2016
Research by Hubspot suggests 60 per cent of marketers are prioritizing blog content in 2017. If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of a blog, or, considering hiring blog writing companies to provide your content, don’t delay any longer.
We produced an insanely gorgeous graphic to highlight why….

So… Can A Blog Generate Business?

Short answer: hell yes!! Blog content is an opportunity to both connect with your target AND connect with search algorithms to earn better Search Rankings. As explained by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing, in an article for Search Engine Journal: “Marketers that align content topics, contributors/co-creators and distribution across channels will realize the “best answer” effect for both customers and bots.” Here are seven reasons to write a company blog:

 1. Generate more traffic using SEO content:

Blog articles optimized for search engines improve your chances of appearing on the first results page. Effective article writers combine SEO/SEM knowledge and journalistic standards to produce thoughtful content that resonates with your core audience. As your archive of web pages grows, search engines will increasingly index more of your content, adding weight to your website and giving you more opportunities to rank. And, of course, with higher rankings, you’ll be better positioned to attract more traffic.

2. Improves your conversion rate:

In addition to keywords, article writers utilize long-tail keywords to attract users much closer to the buying stage. ‘Babysitter’ is a general term that yields broad results. ‘Certified Babysitter in local neighborhood under $100 day”, is a long-tail keyword phrase with a specific focus, and suggests the user has an immediate need for babysitting with a budget in mind. Article writers can research the best long-tail keywords and integrate them into your blog content. When you earn this traffic, your conversion rate should go through the roof because it’s more directly pointed at your service!

3. Spark a real conversation with your target:

User feedback and engagement is now a key ranking factor of Google’s search engine. Blog articles that generate shares and comments are an indicator to Google that your content is relevant and in demand. Social conversations, the comments section and SEO analytics gathered from your articles can add valuable insight into market trends and behaviour.

4. Target different market segments across diverse marketing channels:

Diverse marketing initiatives (email, social media, print, direct marketing, etc.) can be directed back to your site through your company blog. Good article writers know how to craft unique, original content optimized for different market segments to support video, webinar, and press releases that users and web crawlers will take notice of.

5. Connect with Social Influencers:

Your company blog is a serious way to get into bed with influential individuals that own a degree of influence within your target market. Successful blogs by companies such as Shopify, Business Insider, and Hubspot, feature authoritative, well-researched, informative articles by professional article writers and social influencers, who, in turn, share these articles with their own growing audience. When using an influencer for a featured interview, a Q&A, or even just a quote for a piece you are crafting, it is more than likely that you can have that influencer share the piece with their audience. A huge potential win as far as marketing reach is concerned. Moreover, this is a connection you can leverage a few times a year.

6. Build valuable backlinks:

When you post high quality + shareable blog content to your website, and then promote that content through the relevant channels (email, social, paid, etc.) you encourage and should benefit from a small viral bump. Meaning others will tend to share the quality and valuable work they’ve just read. These shares often lead to a built up backlink profile. More backlinks = better website authority = better search rankings for competitive terms.

7. Humanize your brand:

Sharing your personal struggles, challenges, as well as your triumphs through a company blog can give your audience rare insights into the motivation behind your business. An experienced article writer can convey your passion for your business as well as your value-proposition. Content on your company blog is a serious opportunity to build context and authority. To personalize the brand while also showcasing serious thought leadership.

Your company blog doesn’t have to be a wasteland of untapped potential. Fortunately, there are blog writing companies that specialize in producing content that reflects your brand, your tone, and drives online engagement. Contact Us for the best in affordable, quality SEO article writers, and turn your company blog into a popular online destination!

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