Why Your Website Needs a Blog – Explained

Posted : January 28, 2014

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Many businesses are hesitant to begin blogging, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reason is that they don’t think a blog is relevant to their particular website. Others, it’s because they don’t have blog article writers on staff who they believe could write good articles. However, it’s of the greatest importance that you not only create a blog for your website, but you begin as soon as possible. The boost your brand will get from this kind of branding is not only a good way to drive traffic to your blog, but to create customers who will return again and again over the course of years. 

Blogs Rank High on SEO

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is how Google and other search engines decide which results to show first. A good writer, or a good article writing service, can ensure that content pages and eBooks rank well for given searches. Although this can work for many businesses, the easiest way to attract fast traffic is by starting a blog for your business.

Google indexes blogs automatically higher than other content. The primary reason for this is because consumers are usually looking for bite-sized articles they can easily consume, and blogs fill this function easily. When your business turns out an article a few times a week that contains the relevant keywords to your company, you’re doing more than publishing a blog. You’re making certain that everyone associates you with the content you’re producing, which is ranked high in search results, creating more traffic to your site.

Established Blogs Attract Guest Bloggers

The easiest way to establish yourself as an expert in your field is to have an excellent blog. Of course, as with many fields, it’s not all about what you know, but vastly dependent on who you know. The good news is that many people will click on the work of an author they recognize, even if they’re not always interested in the subject at hand. This is a terrific opportunity to attract guest bloggers. Many of them are famous online, and will work for a nominal fee and the exposure they get in the byline and links to their page at the bottom (which always generate pay-by-click money for the author). Having a guest blogger can be a terrifically mutually beneficial relationship, as long as you’re established enough to attract the best of guests. The longer you’re in business, and the more you’re willing to pay at the beginning, the better chance you have of making a name for your company and your company’s blog that endures.

Feeds Enable Fast Conversion

One of the old problems with blogging is that many companies felt that each individual blog was likely to get lost in the mess of the Internet. If your company caters to the millennials, or anyone under the age of 35, you’re in luck. Most people who consider themselves truly tech-savvy have feeds set up to make certain that they don’t forget when a popular or important blog updates. The most important thing is that they see your blog enough many times that the brand becomes quickly imprinted. Don’t flood anyone’s inbox, but feeds ensure that people who want to keep up with your site will do so, as long as you’re reliably producing quality content.

Even if you run a company that you wouldn’t think needs a blog, establish one anyway. Blogs have the double-edged benefits of making your company seem more relatable and more professional at the same time, emphasizing your usefulness to your consumers. That’s worth the 500 words of content you need to produce every few days.

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