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A writer able to deliver valuable and engaging stories that move your target. A professional that will lever the psychology of why people buy from you against great storytelling.

Numbers Don't Lie

Companies with more than 51 blog articles experience a 77% lift in median monthly leads.

Build a Relationship

61% of consumers have made a purchase decision because of a blog post.

Consumers Need Your Content

82% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from company blogs.

Earn New Social Followers

Leverage your blog content properly and earn droves of new fans on your social channels and email list.

Blogging is Branding

Owning relevant and high quality blog content on your website will help your audience humanize and visualize your brand.

Earn Good Website Traffic

Blog articles drive traffic to your website through search and social. More website traffic means more leads. Plain and simple!

How Many Articles Do You Want Each Month??

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“Working with Article Writing Company has been nothing short of fantastic. The posts are always provided on time, and the quality of the content is top notch each and every week. Their entire staff is a pleasure to work with and there’s never been an issue with any request I’ve made. Be it a phone call to chat about our overall approach, to a small edit, to a last minute request, AW has made it happen. 5 stars!”

“I’d been trying to find a great blog writer for my social agency and our clients forever. Maybe 2-3 dozen bad freelancers one after the next. Finally found David and the Article-Writing team, and I COULD NOT be happier!! Have been using the service for just over two years now, and would strongly recommend.”

Justin Olch

COO @ Elite Email

Jason Gordon

Founder @ Strong Social


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Why Should a Small Business Use a Blog Writer?

Custom Blog Content Tells Your Brand Story

Your blog should tell a story. Who are you? What are your values? What is your expertise? Why should customer’s trust you and your team. Without customized content that speaks directly to your own company, you’re losing out on sharing your business’ persona with the world. High quality blog content espouses thought leadership while humanizing your brand. This will pay dividend in the way that prospective customers view you and your company.

Blog Content Adds Weight to Your Website

The bottom line is that google and other search engines value fresh, well-written blog content. Website’s with more than 51 blog articles report 2x the number of leads generated. 97% more backlinks. 400% more internal links. Keyword optimized content builds your relationship with search engines. It adds context and weight to Google’s understanding of who you are and what you ought to rank for.

Blogging = Leads

A smart business owner knows that potential clients need to be reeled in. 8 in 10 US consumers enjoys reading blog content from a brand they are interested in. Blogs can be the lead in for potential customers to get interested in your business. Businesses with blogs see a drastic increase in leads over those that don’t… roughly 2 to 1 in the aggregate. Owning a consistent flow of new content will drive website traffic and build trust in your brand.

Blogging = Sales

Obviously I don’t need to tell you that leads generated from your website will naturally equate to sales over time. It’s a simple formula: blog content drives new website traffic (via search engines, social media, and for the extremely savvy, via paid platforms like Outbrain and Taboola.) This traffic is qualified. They have clicked on your content because they are interested in what you have to share. This helps to build a relationship before you get on the phone to convert a lead to a customer. And indeed, inbound content marketing in the aggregate costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing.

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up to a subscription of your choosing. You can choose either 4, 8, 12, or 16 articles / month. If you’d like more, please reach out and we can discuss a custom pricing.

Step 2

An Managing Editor will reach out to discuss your blog. We seek to understand your business goals so we can best define our editorial. From here, you will receive 3-4 writer options to choose from.

Step 3

Each month, your managing editor will reach out with story pitches. Naturally, we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If you’re business has a piece of news to share, etc. we want to write about it!

Step 4

Then. Finally. At your desired velocity, you will receive high value blog content. Once, twice, three times a week. We are happy to post directly to your website, or email the content to you so you can review and publish.

How Many Articles Do You Want Each Month??

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