Top 3 Weak Points of Web Content – Don’t Make These Mistakes

Posted : January 26, 2014

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The Top 3 Weak Points of Web Content – Don’t Make These Mistakes

David Tile, Founder @
Jan 26, 2014

Before you create your first website, you probably won’t have any idea how much writing goes into the page itself. One of the reasons for that is because good web content can be invisible — readers don’t notice the writing, as long as it’s clean and seems to fit well.

However, the flip side to that coin is that the slightest mistakes in content creation can make your website stick out like a sore thumb, giving off an odd impression of unease or even driving otherwise interested traffic away.

Let’s quickly unpack the value that our team of seo content writers brings to the table and show you some of the tricks of the trade…

In order to retain as much traffic for audience conversion as possible, it is essential to eliminate every common weak point of your website’s content. While other weak points may exist, the three most common and egregious errors of web content are slipping out of voice, wasting even one page, and dismissing content as unimportant. Learn how to spot the signs that your website has committed one of these errors, and find an appropriate content writing service to help fix it as soon as possible.

1. Slipping Out of Voice

The “voice” of writing refers to the tone, word choice, and phrasing of your web content. This is something that many web developers ignore, to their peril. If you or your content provider have ever said, “As long as it gets the information across, it’s fine,” you may have committed this sin already. Tonal shifts are the difference between a shouting infomercial hawker getting his point across and a deftly-placed product placement you never noticed in a favorite movie. Both essentially get the information across, but the tone should depend on what you’re selling with your website.

Good SEO content writers will be able to slip in and out of voice easily, and can creatively handle even an Order Now page without messing up the tone. Not only do you want the tone on your website to be correct, you want it to be consistent. If you know that your site content is going to be focused around a particular product or service, you want even the About Us page to leap vibrantly off the screen in order to get your message across.

2. Wasting Even One Page

There should be no wasted pages on your website. Whether you’re cataloguing a series of projects or simply introducing a product, your website is important for every single word. Nothing makes a site feel so incomplete as when a possible consumer clicks on a page to see, “Coming Soon! :)” or worse, a blank page. Even the Contact page should have something other than a form, even if it’s just a line or two about how easy and quick it is to reach your service.

Contrary to what some people believe, “too much writing” is rarely the bane of a website. Too much bad writing or too much writing without a purpose can easily sink a site, but the vast majority of websites that are successful have writing on every single page, from the Landing page to the Order Now page and everything in between. You don’t have to cover your graphics with tiny type; just place your text strategically for maximum impact on your audience.

3. Dismissing Content as Unimportant

Every click can lead to a customer if you’re confident in your site. The content you provide should be focused, clear, and creatively engaging for your audience. Just because it’s “simply describing a product” doesn’t mean the content doesn’t matter. In fact, the more simple your product or service, the more you want an effortless, striking piece of web content to accompany it. You’ll be surprised at the uptick in traffic you’ll see with a website brimming with attractive content.

And that’s it! Three simple ideas to hold onto. Of course, if you ever need help producing content and copy from an expert team of SEO Content Writers, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can call us @ 1.888.325.8570. You can email us: [email protected]. Write us on Facebook, Tweet at us. Our team is ready to help!

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