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Does your eCommerce store need the touch of professional product description copywriters? If so, look no further! Our incredible team of writers is here to properly optimize each and every one of your product pages and help take your conversion rate to the next level.

SEO Optimized

The copy that you publish for each of your products must be specifically and surgically optimized for search engines. By optimizing your content, you make it easier for search engines to rank your site properly. The better your content, the better your rankings, and in turn, the better your chances are of drawing an increased amount of consumers to your website. This pays off not only in more web traffic, but also in more sales. And by enlisting the services of our product description writers, we can guarantee you extremely optimized pages that are sure to draw people in and encourage them to shop around and hit, “add to cart,” more often.

Sales Copy That Converts

Your product description copy has to be built to convert. Working with a professional copywriting team of marketing heroes will make sure that we squeeze every ounce of conversion available! Regardless of whatever it is you sell, maintaining a high conversion rate is absolutely crucial to your personal success and the success of your company. What we hate to see on our clients’ websites more than anything else is underdeveloped copy. So, our primary objective is to provide you with the words that are going to peak the interest of your customers and ultimately lead to increased profits in the long run. Your success is our success and revamping your product description copy is one of the best ways to ensure a high level of success for many years to come.

Buyer and Benefit Driven

It’s not good enough to just throw copy together – you need to be focused on why the buyers of your products will buy. What objections might they have? How can we convince them quickly and properly to buy? These are all questions that can be answered with well-produced copy on all the product pages you have. Even the most well-reviewed products and services you offer don’t sell themselves. You need snappy, engaging content to get people not only interested, but also ready to purchase, which is our priority number one. Our product description writers are all exceptionally well-versed in producing the kind of copy that leads to conversions and will do everything they can to further ensure your success as a company.

Let Your Brand Stand Out
Take the guesswork out of crafting the perfect product descriptions; work with a team of copywriting professionals; get the copy done right and on time; improve your conversion rate and bolster overall profits.
Professional Experience
We know what it takes to create a memorable impression with your customers. With the perfect blend of sales psychology, marketing best practices, and hands-on experience, persuading potential prospects to buy is our speciality. If our product description writers know one thing, it’s how to put together effective sales copy. They are all incredibly gifted at revamping already-existing content, or if need be, starting over from scratch on each and every product page that needs optimizing. Regardless of what it is you’re selling, our writers know the perfect verbiage to create increased interest in your products and services and encourage consumers to purchase with each visit they make to your website.
Build Your Brand
First impressions can’t be undone – so why take the risk? Don’t go gambling on how your customers see your brand. Let us take the worry off your shoulders as we make sure all the details get worded in the best way possible. It’s subtle revisions that make all the difference in the world when it comes to writing great product descriptions, and that’s what our team of writers does best. Their talent is unsurpassed when it comes to producing effective copy and they will ensure that your company and your personal brand is represented in the best way possible. We know that people prefer to buy from companies they have similar interests with, which is why we work hard to capture the voice of your brand in all the content we write.
Personal and Trustworthy Service
When you choose to connect with us, you’re partnering with a team that’s helped thousands of other companies just like yours take their business to the next level. This experience with myriad other clients has paid off tenfold when it comes to the quality of the copy our writers are producing. It’s important to note that all of our writers either have experience with a previous client similar to yours, or simply have the knowhow to properly optimize any product page they’re handed, regardless of the company they’ve been paired up with.
Prompt Turnaround Times
We don’t keep you waiting – our turnaround times are quick and efficient for any scale of project you may need. The timeliness in which we are able to deliver work to our clients is something that sets our company apart from many others who provide similar services. When it comes to sales, especially in the internet age, time is of the essence and we only hire writers that have a strong work ethic and the skills to meet every deadline they’re given. So, if your conversion rate isn’t quite what you want it to be, now is the time to enlist our services and have our writers go through and properly optimize all of your individual product pages.
Affordable Rates
Get the results of top quality copywriting agencies without having to pay top-agency prices. Compared to other companies in the industry, our pricing is extremely competitive. And that’s because, from our experience, working with our clients’ individual budgetary constraints, rather than charging them an arm and a leg, leads to more loyal customers and ultimately more successful campaigns in the long run. In other words, our services won’t break your bank, and our writers will provide you with copy that not only bolsters profits, but encourages loyalty to your individual brand.
SEO Optimized
Written with the best SEO practices in mind, our product descriptions let your goods and services get found by the right clients in their search results. Having properly optimized product pages is the key to successful internet sales and that is something our excellent team of writers can provide for you during your campaign. Regardless of what it is you’re selling, they can zero in on your particular keywords and help your product pages rank higher than ever before. And as your pages become more visible, more and more people will be directed to your website and encouraged to purchase all the products and services you provide.
Create An Emotional Connection
Forget bland, dime-a-dozen summaries. With our fresh, creative, and meaningful descriptions, our writers make sure that your products stand out in the eyes of anyone who notices them. Consumers don’t want to necessarily be sold on products or services. They want to gather information, read reviews, and believe that the things they spend their hard-earned dollars on are actually going to benefit their day-to-day lives. And that is where our product description writers come in. Their job is to provide the type of copy that is going to entice your customer base and improve your overall conversion rate.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
With unlimited revisions on anything our talented team does for you, we won’t stop until you’re satisfied with our writing. Having access to unlimited revisions is another aspect of our service that our clients and customers really appreciate. It’s something that our competitors don’t offer, and it’s something that we really stand behind. At the end of the day, we want you to be 100% happy with the copy and content we provide for you, and offering unlimited revisions is one way for us to ensure that. It also offers an opportunity for our writers to spend some additional time getting to know the ins and outs of your brand and how to best capture your individual voice in the copy they produce.
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Our Philosophy

Having worked with an array of different clients over the years, one thing we started to notice is that product pages were often the most overlooked part of their websites. What we realized is that many of the companies we were working with were missing out on a substantial amount of web traffic and sales that they normally would have been able to take advantage of had their product pages been properly optimized for their individual keywords.

Upon reviewing these particular pages, what we were able to do was dispatch our writers to not only optimize the content, but also write additional copy to improve conversion rates. This helped each and every one of our clients rank higher for their keywords, boost profits, and draw more and more attention to their website. It also gave them an edge on their competition and further establish themselves as powerful players within their particular niche.

Why Work With Us

Our writers have a proven track record of producing quality copy that can improve your conversion rate and keep consumers coming back to your site for more. They each have experience working with countless other clients and are experts at capturing the voice of your brand in the content they write. Not only that, the prices for our services are considerably less expensive than other people’s prices within our industry. Meaning, you’re getting incredibly high-quality work for much less than you would from one of our competitors.

We adopted a new price point in response to our competitors and also as an incentive for clients utilizing our services. It’s important to us to not only provide quality work, but also offer content at a rate that’s fair to our customer base. This allows us to build better rapport with our clients and maintain a solid working relationship throughout each and every campaign we take on. So, what you can count on is high-quality content that won’t put a damper on your budget.

Our Process In Action

One of the first steps in our process is to get an understanding of you, your company, and the particular niche that you fit into. Before we can really start producing content, our writers like to familiarize themselves with every aspect of your brand and how it operates. By having this kind of background, they’re able to produce focused, high-quality content shortly after being assigned to your campaign and start properly optimizing all of your product pages immediately.

It’s important to note that we don’t produce cookie cutter content for the clients we work with. Upon signing on with us, you can count on an experienced writer being assigned to you who has a strong background in writing the kind of copy that is going to greatly improve your conversion rate and lead to increased profits in the long run. We are extremely proud of our team here and the work that they do and we can ensure you that they will stop at nothing to provide you with content that you are 100% satisfied with.

Why Outsource Product Description Writing?

There are many reasons why our clients choose to outsource their writing to us. But, above all, the main reason is that most business owners don’t have the kind of time to devote to writing product description pages and making sure they are properly optimized. For many of our clients there just isn’t enough time in the day. Fortunately, by entrusting us with your content production, we can spend the hours during the day that you don’t have and crank out exceptionally well-written copy.

Aside from saving time, outsourcing your content production also gives you access to writers who have experience in writing sales copy and improving conversion rates for the many clients they work with. It also takes a lot of the pressure off of you and your company since we are ultimately in charge of the entire content production process. We hire the writers, pair them up with the many different clients that we have, and see to it that every assignment is completed by the predetermined deadline.