The Benefits of SEO for Cloud Computing Brands

Posted : May 5, 2022

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest marketing advantages that a brand from any industry can leverage. It’s a highly effective marketing method, with three-quarters of brands reporting that it is very helpful to them in achieving their brand goals. It’s a tactic that can be very cost-effective, depending on how your brand uses it. 

If your cloud computing brand has never seriously delved into SEO or hesitated to put together an SEO strategy, there are a few benefits of this illustrious marketing tactic that will catch your eye. SEO is your ticket to creating the top-tier cloud computing brand you envisioned, being a regular on the first page of search engines. 

Targeting Quality Traffic for Your Brand 

To get your cloud computing brand noticed, you want to attract as much traffic as possible from your intended audience. Whether they’re seeking information on your architecture, storage, or network resources, you want as much organic traffic coming from search engines that will be curious to learn more about your offerings. 

A major advantage of SEO is that it is an inbound marketing tactic rather than traditional outbound marketing or advertising channels. Outbound marketing involves engaging with customers to determine whether or not they want to hear from you. Inbound marketing approaches like SEO, by contrast, make it as easy as possible for customers and prospects to find information about your brand before making a purchasing decision. Inbound marketing tactics are customer-centric, making helpful information readily available and prompting strong leads to your website.

Your sales team will especially benefit, considering that nearly 60% of marketers indicate that inbound strategies like SEO generate the best quality leads for their sales campaigns. 

There’s No Need To Pay For Advertising 

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Another benefit for cloud computing brands is that SEO doesn’t have additional advertising costs. 

After optimizing your website’s pages and making it worthy of promotion in the eyes of search engine operators, you can continually attract site traffic for extended periods after publishing your blog content. Researching, writing, and optimizing your blog content takes a lot of time investment, dedicating yourself to a strategy and sticking to it until you achieve the desired results. 

Beyond making the initial investment, there’s no need for you to pay money to attract attention to your content consistently. You will have to update your website continuously and add to it, especially when you notice competitors are leveraging the same keywords as you are. But, unlike paid-per-click (PPC) strategies, SEO strategies don’t necessitate ongoing costs to garner traffic. 

Your placement in search engines is free, unlike PPC ads that have costs attached to them each time users click on and visit pages. SEO allows you to get the added attention without having to spend for it. Plus, SEO gets more organic results, and, considering that 71% of searches end up with users clicking on an organic result on the first page, it means that cloud computing brands get more value from leveraging SEO practices. 

SEO Offers a Significant Competitive Advantage

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Cloud computing brands can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals with the increased online presence that search engine optimization offers. Never forget that competitors are also conducting keyword research to try and position themselves higher within the industry. 

The more unique keywords you can come up with, the more your pages will pop up in search results for that particular keyword. Look for variations of an industry-specific keyword, particularly variations that have a lower keyword density yet a solid search volume. Such keywords will ensure your page and blog content gets special attention from organic visitors who search for those specific keywords regularly. 

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