Online Brand Management is Crucial for Insurance Companies

Posted : March 8, 2018

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Insurance may feel like an industry where brand managment isn’t particularly important, but the truth is that leaders in this industry who feel this way are doomed to fail.

Regardless of the price or the quality of your products, your brand image can potentially make or break your company.

This fact has become even more true in the internet-age where poor feedback from customers or the press can spread across the globe faster and easier than ever before. That’s why brand management is so important. 

Of course, the internet has made it easier for businesses to share their expertise and positive feedback from customers too. Insurance companies that aren’t doing this well are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to grow their brand.

Here, we explain how insurance companies can leverage the internet to boost their brand and attract more customers.

Content Marketing for Increased Brand Awareness

Content marketing is the practice of producing a constant stream of useful, interesting or entertaining content to help shape a business’ brand.

Although each insurance company is likely to desire a slightly different brand image, most will want to present themselves as the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable brand in their industry.

This can be achieved by posting useful blog posts, videos, or interactive content answering the questions that your target audience are asking. Brand management of content is a key way to engage with potential customers and help spread your name through word of mouth. 

Car insurance companies may want to post content about efficient driving. Home insurance providers could post about building a safer, more energy-efficient home. By doing this, you’re positioning your brand as the industry thought leader.


Customer Support Through Social Media

brand management

You may feel like social media isn’t appropriate for businesses working in an industry as dry as insurance, but the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide the perfect platforms for you to share your expert content.

Content which attracts lots of engagement can expose your brand to a brand new audience, attracting plenty of leads and customers.

Perhaps more importantly, social media has become one of the most common platforms for people to ask questions to brands about their business. By offering a platform for people to ask questions in the public eye, insurance companies can manage any negative feedback on their terms.

Many companies will use software to monitor mentions of their brand name across all social media platforms and respond accordingly.

John Paintcrown, co-founder at Brandhuub, explains: “Many businesses are always on social media to monitor the kind of information a client is spreading about them. If it is bad news, they quickly respond to prevent from spreading further.

“But if it is commendations and recommendations, they thank the client to show their potential clients how well they value their customers.”

Our blog post lists seven expert social media tips that will help you spark some idea for original content.

This is the New Standard of Excellence

insurance brand management

It shouldn’t be underestimated just how much of a difference a solid online marketing strategy can make to an insurance company’s business.

It’s the new standard of excellence. Even if you aren’t doing it, you can be sure that your competitors are. The quality and value of your product is important too, and there will always be a proportion of customers that  use price comparison websites to choose the cheapest insurance provider, regardless of its reputation.

However, a large selection of customers will place more importance on pairing up with an insurer they can trust. By publicly demonstrating your superior knowledge and customer service compared to other competitor, you’ll have the best chance of turning this demographic into customers. These are the type of customers who will renew their policy year-after-year, rather than shopping around for a better deal every 12 months. Needless to say, it’s worth putting the effort in to attract these customers.


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