Social Media Gold – 7 Tools That Will Help You Boost Your Social Game

By: Jennah Mitchell | Author @
Posted On: February 20, 2015

When it comes to content writing for social media platforms there are literally dozens of management tools and programs that have popped up, all claiming to help “make the process easier” and “automate your social media management.” Many under-deliver, though, leaving you high and dry when you need it most.

Below is a list of 7 tested and approved tools that are guaranteed to help you take your content writing for social media game to the next level:

  1. Oh Twitter. We all love it, but getting your images just right can take time and – for those of us that are not especially creative or tech-savvy, it can lead to frustration. Since tweets that contain a photo or graphic statistically receive a more than 100% chance of being clicked on, including them in your social media strategy is a must. Enter Spruce. Simply type your desired message into their text area, select a photo, and ta-da! It is as easy as that. You can download the image or send it to Facebook or Twitter directly from the Spruce homepage.
  1. Sure – the whole point of Instagram is to capture things in the moment, but sometimes you just want to schedule a post. For those occasions, Latergramme is your new best friend. With a personal version as well as a version specifically designed for businesses, it is a tool that can help automate your Instagram marketing to the hilt.
  1. Typeform is a simple yet elegant form and survey builder that allows you to quickly create landing pages, surveys, forms, tests, and literally anything else pertaining to capturing user data. It is free unless you want to upgrade to the pro version. The best part of all is the tool’s efficient drag-and-drop user interface that makes anyone look like a web or mobile development genius.
  1. Infographics are all the rage right now, and there is no end in sight for this popular information delivery style. The problem is that unless you are a designer, it can be difficult to make your graphics look professional. The solution? Piktograph. Effortlessly create detailed information-based graphics based on existing templates, and then embed some code into your site and Voila! Your beautiful image appears. You can also download the graphic as a .png or .jpg file.
  1. Do you want more shares, adds, and followers? You need AddThis. Ranked as the #1 tool of its kind by companies like Microsoft and ABC News, AddThis helps you increase web traffic, signups, and more, all by providing beautiful share buttons, popup boxes, and even recommended content areas that interact with your readers to provide them with a unique experience while on your website or blog.
  1. Do you ever wonder if you are using the right hashtags? RiteTag lets you install a Chrome or Firefox browser extension tool that provides color coded analysis of your hashtags based on each one’s strength. The site says that they, “make …tagging and scheduling, tweeting, or auto-scheduling a snap,” and they aren’t kidding. They also have a search area where you can peruse over 10,000 hashtags to see in real time exactly what your audience is interested in.
  1. Do you ever wish there was a way to comb through your follower lists and be done with the people that add zero value to your social media presence? You can! With JustUnfollow you have the ability to ensure that your Instagram and Twitter accounts stay spam free in the follower department. You can also FOLLOW people using this tool, which makes it the 1-2-punch you’ve been waiting for.

Spend more time running your company and less time tinkering with your accounts for content writing for social media. After all – social media should work for you…not the other way around!