How to Use Social Media to Educate Your Customers on New FinTech Features

Posted : March 15, 2022

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In a world where more than half of the global population is on social media, social media marketing has long passed the ‘can have’ stage, evolving into a ‘must have’ for businesses. Especially amid increasing talk of a digital transformation and the strategies facilitating it, using social media furthers modernization for industries and brands trying to meet the increasing demands of their consumer bases. 

If you work in the fintech industry, it is essential to be digitally astute to stay competitive against traditional banking entities, countless startups, and cryptocurrency apps. The demand for digital financial services has never been higher due to COVID-19. All you need to do is check out the banking and finance category within your mobile app store to see how dense the field is these days. Even after the pandemic has subsided, features like touchless payments, automated checkout, biometric login, and user-first navigation will be prominent features powering the future of financial services. 

Your newest fintech features need social media as a buffer to showcase their best elements and get your customers excited about using them. But, how do you leverage social media to help customers understand how to use fintech? What rewards come from doing this? Let’s help you sufficiently answer these questions by telling you some industry secrets that will make your fintech the people’s choice for the foreseeable future. 

Focusing On the Markets That Most Need It

Social media is a crucial tool for successfully marketing your fintech features to your customers. It allows you to target audiences and markets that are typically underserved or ignored. That said, having an overly aggressive social media marketing approach defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve. Audiences lose interest when you populate their feeds with excess advertising, and you risk confusing your customers with too much financial jargon that they struggle to understand or familiarize themselves with. 

Leveraging social media marketing across various channels allows you to diversify your tactics and communicate in unique ways with customers. This can help you break down fintech features with effortless simplicity. Fintech companies and specialists establish the most lucrative markets in areas that traditional banks and financial institutions underserve. However, with developing countries seeing upticks in mobile phone and social media adoption in recent years, the potential for growth is encouraging due to multiple customers boasting digital identities. 

To make your fintech features accessible and understandable for customers, consider integrating your features into various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. In other cases, brands combine social media data with artificial intelligence algorithms to encourage faster decision-making regarding lending and other key fintech features. 

Merging Trust With Creativity, Focusing on Personalization

As you know, social media experiences should be as secure as they are enjoyable. Consumers need reassurances regarding trust, and concerns about the various regulations they must follow can cause them to feel alienated by financial institutions. 

One way to show that trust is a high priority when engaging customers with your fintech features is to create a platform constantly emphasizing transparency. You increase customer satisfaction, user experiences, and brand growth by leveraging a platform that shows you taking responsibility for any issues with the fintech you provide. Alternatively, you can use your platform to share internal communication to illustrate further how your features work, what your brand is doing to optimize these features and to create simpler use cases for your customers to follow. 

With the focus on security for customers, you should consider ditching the conventional route, being more creative with every illustration, narrative, or caption to visualize the best practices customers should remember when using your fintech features. Creativity leads to customization and should be centered around personalization, so your social media marketing strategy achieves its desired effect. Personalization is a demand consumers earnestly make towards their brands, and the fintech industry is no different, looking for more perks and controls over the services they use. Ensure that your social media marketing factors in personalization to make the user experience more enjoyable at every stage. 

Adding the Human Element to Social Media Marketing

Customers want to relate to the brands they regularly interact with. They want to go beyond the typical customer-brand relationship to find a nuance that makes them eager to do consistent business with you. The fintech industry, while enjoyable, can also come across as too clinical and emotionless at times. The last thing you want to do is come across as a robotic entity that treats customers like mere numbers on a ledger. As a savvy business person, you know that your customers are people-first and should be treated as partners rather than minions. 

Fintech brands win by utilizing visual elements and select posts, giving customers first-hand experiences of how fintech features work and make life easier for people. Using videos and step-by-step guides on how best to utilize fintech features or highly informative, straightforward content makes all the difference when establishing customer connections. 

Employee advocacy on social media also helps communicate a human element to customers, putting employee experience at the forefront of social media marketing to provide personalized advice and guidance.

Social media marketing should never include intimidating, overzealous tactics to attract the attention of customers. People better understand what you’re trying to illustrate when you’re trying to foster a relationship with them. In advertising, social media should be an outlet to build real connections and vital information that improves customer retention rates and create newfound experiences that make it easier for customers to trust your technology. 

By establishing a relationship with Article-Writing.Co, you will get more of the nuances and quality tips you need to elevate your fintech features and make them the envy of competitors everywhere. Reach out to our social media experts, and let’s improve your content creation capabilities to make your fintech brand the best!


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