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Whether you’re an agency looking for a flexible outside team of social media content writers, or a small business looking for a team to outsource social media content creation to, we have a solution that’s perfect for you!

Expert Writers

We have a team of writers over 100 large, meaning we have writers available with specific expertise and experience in your (or your client’s) industry. By having such a large team of social media writers to work with and choose from, what we can guarantee is that we will have someone on staff for you who will be able to properly capture your voice and brand across all of your social media channels. This is exceedingly important as social media continues to dominate as the primary way for people to get news, share notable information, and stay better connected with others all around the world.

Customized For Your Needs

Do you work with Buffer? Hootsuite? We will deliver content that is perfectly formatted to be uploaded to these platforms, making your job insanely easy. If it’s one thing that our social media writers know, it’s that establishing a powerful online presence is extremely difficult and time consuming. Rather than having you spend the countless hours working to increase your follower count, what we will do is take on the brunt of that responsibility and provide you with all the tools and content you need to be successful.

On Time & On Budget

Curating and crafting social media copy is a careful and deliberate art. That doesn’t mean we can’t turn around a month’s worth of posts in 24 hours though. All we need is the link to your social media accounts and an established list of keywords and we can start putting together content that’s going to encourage your target audience to hit the follow button and begin familiarizing themselves with your brand and the products you sell.

Our Social Media Copywriting Process…

Step 1

Step one is very simple. Visit the product page and decide on the bulk social media copy order that will suit your current needs. It’s important during this initial step that you review the existing social media accounts you have to determine exactly how many posts you need, how much you want to increase your reach online, and what kind of posts will best serve you and the people who will be engaging with your content. If you have any questions about this, our excellent team of social media copywriters can help guide your decision and figure out what’s going to work for you and your company.

Our writers will also share with you the experiences they have had with other clients, what worked best, and of course what could have been improved on. They will also review your current social media accounts and share with you any insights they have on how to help you continue boosting your follower count well into the future. Regardless of what your needs are, our writers will help you navigate this initial part of the process and guide you throughout the rest of your campaign. Click here to get started!

Step 2

An Managing Editor will reach out to discuss your social media content needs. We seek to understand your (or your client’s) business goals so we can best define our editorial. Each and every client we work with specializes in something different, and in turn, their followers are going to have drastically different interests and needs when it comes to the content they engage with on a daily basis. Our social media copywriters are in place to figure out what exactly that content is going to look like and how your clients and customers are going to best consume it.

What they will also do is take a close look at your competitors, specifically those who already have strong social media followings, and see what can be done to close the gap between you and them. In producing social media content for you, our main goal is to keep you relevant within your industry. By analyzing your competitors, we are able to come up with a strategy that’s going to not only set you apart, but also drive unique visitors to the many different channels that you maintain.

Step 3

Once we have a strong client style guide setup properly, we will set into content creation mode. Typically we can turn around a batch of social content within two business days and sometimes sooner. Although we pride ourselves on how quick our turnaround time is, we also take the appropriate time to fully understand your brand and your voice within the industry.

For us, it’s all about bolstering your brand identity, and social media is easily one of the easiest, most effective ways to do that. However, it’s also a painstaking process that requires a great deal of communication and understanding. Our social media copywriters are pros when it comes to opening up that dialogue with you.

Step 4

We encourage all of our clients to give our writers feedback on each and every piece of content that they provide for them. Whether it’s a tweet, status update, or Instagram photo, we want to know exactly what we are doing well and what we may need to reevaluate for future posts. Our writers are extremely thorough and want nothing more than for you be satisfied with the content they produce and the understanding they have of your brand.

That’s because they know just how important social media is to companies both large and small. It’s the most direct connection you have with your customers, so it’s absolutely crucial that it’s personalized and optimized properly. Although that will look a little bit different for everyone, it’s our job to ensure that we not only get the results you want, but that we also put our writers in a position of strength so that they understand your company and get the work done right the first time.

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Your Team of Social Media Writers

Anyone can cobble together a few tweets and Facebook posts each day. Using your social media platforms to inform, engage and, ultimately drive sales and develop new leads is much more difficult. That’s why you should turn to the experts at Article-Writing Co. to help you with your social media copy.

These days, close to 90 percent of brands use social media. The reason? It drives new business, and strengthens existing relationships. In fact, more than seven in 10 adults are now active on at least one social network and that’s proving to be increasingly influential on their buying habits.

From our agency to yours, it’s very important that you start developing these networks and driving consumers to the different channels you maintain as a way to gain better exposure and ultimately more followers and earnings.

Our team is more than 100-large. We have a wide set of experience and expertise. For agencies specifically, this means you can focus on growth and scale rather than worrying about your social media copy needs.

Just so we’re 100% clear though, this is strictly a raw-material writing job. We do not offer engagement, growth, or other social media marketing.

Our Social Media Writing Philosophy

By having a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms set up for your customers to check out every day, what our social media writers can do is produce content that will ensure repeat visits, and in time, bolster profits for you and your company. After all, the more money you make, the more opportunities our social media writers will have to connect with your audience and further establish your brand as a main contender within your specific niche and industry.

Work With Our Social Media Writers

By enlisting our services, what you count on is having a dedicated writer at your disposal that’s going to be present on all of your social media accounts and push out content to keep you relevant and engaged in the conversation that’s happening online.

We don’t want our services to break your bank though. This way, as we continue to post on your behalf, you’re able to calculate exactly what kind of ROI you’re getting. For those who haven’t spent much time or money on their social media following as of yet, being able to measure your success is extremely important.

Your Team of Social Media Content Creators

Our ultimate goal is to produce the kind of content that gives people an incentive to hit follow and come back for more. That’s because it’s been proven time and time again that with a rabid fanbase comes increased profits, influence, and success. Our writers will stop at nothing to spend the time learning the ins and outs of your brand and the people who buy into it.

If it’s one thing our writers have, it’s time, which can be hard to come by for our clients who are already busy with running their businesses. Not to mention, social media moves at the speed of light, meaning it’s easy to miss out on, or be late to a game your competitors are most likely already playing.

What we want is to give you an opportunity to not only get increased likes, shares, and comments, but also develop into a thought leader whose tweets and posts people look forward to seeing and reading, day and in day out. It’s a very worthwhile and fruitful connection to have, as people are motivated to buy through social media more so than ever before.

Outsource Your Social Media Writing

Increased activity on your wall and your timeline will get people talking, and sooner than later you’ll see your follower count explode. If you’re looking to become the next best thing in your industry, all it takes are a few tweets, some status updates, and help from our writers to really start improving your influence on the web. Best part is, by outsourcing the work to us, you don’t have to lift a finger to start getting more followers.

Our writers have a great deal of experience in the field and will work diligently to produce only the most shareable, linkable, and keyword rich content for all of your individual social media accounts. Meaning, as followers start rolling in, and people begin engaging, liking, and commenting on your posts, you can focus your efforts on your day to day operations while we handle all of your social media content needs.