How Social Media Benefits IT Blog Content

Posted : June 27, 2022

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If you’re on Facebook, regularly looking at other people’s hilarious statuses/posts, or on Instagram viewing an eye-catching photo or reel, you already know the benefits of social media. Social media is the ultimate connector, allowing you to reach the people you care about instantly and vice versa. It’s also the easiest way for IT brands like yours to attract eyeballs and position yourself as an industry leader that readers take seriously every time you share your latest take on software services, network management, or communications technology. 

With over 58% of the world’s population using social media, the opportunity to capitalize on securing a wider audience exists, expanding your consumer base, and promoting your best knowledge without limitations. The benefits are endless. Let’s let you in on a few of them.

Increasing Your Inbound Traffic 

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Social media is a magnet for traffic like any major highway and will expand your outreach beyond your usual consumer base. 

People familiar with your IT brand will search for the keywords you’re already ranking well for. By using social media, you can reach new demographics and target audiences based on their interests. Each new post marks a new opportunity to meet people from around the world interested in specific tech tools or topics. Plus, there are people with different purchasing behaviors and overall backgrounds who will gravitate towards your content if it’s relevant.

You attract more organic traffic when you share your blog content across various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. People from older demographics may search for keywords on Facebook, while Gen Z and millennial customers may use Instagram as their search points. But, regardless of how they find your IT content, as long as you’re there and promoting your content regularly, your website will benefit from the traffic.

Boosting Your Brand Awareness 

Did you know that people spend at least once a week browsing Facebook business pages? Or that 70% of users buy from brands after seeing one of their YouTube videos? Saying that social media improves your brand awareness is an understatement. It’s the key that locks in new viewers and potentially turns them into brand advocates. 

The brand engagement will get you more clicks on your blog content. Leverage your business pages by including your blog links in some nicely worded captions to accompany some stunning visuals while posting. Regardless of the social media platform, visual marketing is far more likely to retain attention spans than blocks of text talking about your blog. Whether it be a short video explaining the nuances of a device or visuals with statistics about how your IT services help customers, a good video, picture, or infographic will get people talking. Readers are more likely to share visuals that include a link to your content, with the likes and shares you get putting your brand front and center in newsfeeds all around. 

Garnering Higher SEO Rankings

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Social media also acts as a big booster for search engine optimization. Using hashtag-optimized content will help you get seen more as people will gravitate towards content that revolves around the keyword you’re ranking for. There are many ways to track hashtag performance as well to see which hashtags are improving your placement and which ones are struggling to get you noticed because they either have a high keyword density or are used too frequently. 

Using hashtags in your promotional posts for your IT blog content makes you more newsfeed-friendly. That also translates to your blog posts popping up in search results, preferably on the front page.

By establishing a relationship with Article-Writing.Co, you will get more of the nuances and quality tips you need to elevate the features of your IT brand and make them the envy of competitors everywhere. Reach out to our blog writing experts, and let’s improve your content creation capabilities to make your brand the best!


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