How Many Times Should Tech Brands Post Content?

Posted : July 5, 2022

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Quality over quantity should always be the motto you live by as a content creator. After all, posting good content that keeps people wanting more should be the priority. However, only posting such content once in a blue moon will keep your readers in the dark about the quality of your content. 

Thinking about what to post is one thing, but mastering the art of blog posting frequency takes strategy and a genuine understanding of your intended audience. By posting content regularly, you improve your SEO scores, garner more organic traffic to your website. Awareness is key for all tech brands. Additionally, there are metrics and insights available to help you see when your visitors most visit, so you can target those times for posting content. If you’re unsure how often you should post or promote your content, here’s a friendly guide on how to get going in the right direction. 


Gaining Organic Traffic Requires Consistent Posting 

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With the right planning and high-quality content, you should consider posting up to six times a week to increase organic traffic for your tech website. 

Why is that? Blogging frequently with keyword-laden and easily readable blog posts ensures that you boost your search engine optimization (SEO) scores, putting you on the front page of Google’s search results. 

If you’re a smaller blog with a small team, it can be harder to come up with blog post ideas and promote content daily. With smart planning, however, you can change that. Set aside some time to detail how the posts will look. By outlining and organizing your material before writing, as well as breaking down your topics, it’s easier to structure your content and produce it in earnest, so you’re able to post consistently. 

Smaller tech blogs should aim for three to four postings per week, while bigger tech blogs should target the 4-6 weekly postmark, especially considering the competitiveness of the tech industry. After optimizing the planning process, you’ll find it easier to meet these targets. 

Plus, if there’s specific content that readers gravitate towards, then you can leverage those posts to create related content. With the related content, you can link it back to your previous posts on the content you’ve previously written about, garnering you added website traffic while reducing your bounce rate.


Blog Posting For Brand Awareness

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Blog posts for brand awareness are more promotional and specialized, not intently focused on generating increased traffic. However, with such content, leaders of tech brands should consider diversifying the content as much as possible while also providing useful information. 

For brand awareness posts, smaller blogs should aim for one or two new blog posts a week, while larger blogs can plan for four new or updated posts weekly. These blog posts are building a voice for your tech brand and aren’t particularly topic-focused. 

However, as you’re still providing useful information to your audience, you should diversify the content you’re producing for your tech audience. Creating brand-focused infographics and statistics related to your products/services or the industry position, you’re higher in your marketplaces, showing you as a thought leader who wants to be a go-to voice within the tech industry. 


Set Your Goals For Blogging

Make sure that you map out your goals for your blogging before you start creating blog posts focused on a topic, one of your tools, or the brand. 

Are you trying to boost your traction in search engine results pages (SERPs)? Is SEO a priority? And are you trying to gain industry clout with your content? If the answer is yes to all those questions, then you can properly plan your posting and add more posts with quality information so you become a strong reference within your niche. 

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