How Can Financial Companies Use Collaborations for Online Success?

Posted : April 11, 2018

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How Can Financial Companies Use Collaborations for Online Success?

Joe Elvin, Financial Content Specialist @
Posted On: April 11, 2018
Collaborations are one of the fastest ways you can build an online audience. Rather than slaving away, trying to post a constant stream of new content on your own channels, you can team with other content creators and reach a fresh audience that way. Let’s dig deeper into the word of collaborations and financial services marketing.
To make the most of this opportunity, it’s important to collaborate with a content creator whose audience is likely to have the same interests as yours.

It’s unlikely to be profitable if a mortgage company teams with a candy shop, as these two businesses target completely different demographics.

However, a partnership with any brand that targets to 20 to 30-year olds, regardless of what they sell, is likely to be more beneficial for both parties, so long as they aren’t in direct competition with each other.

Success isn’t a single player game. Below, we demonstrate some examples of clever collaborations from financial companies.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a growing trend that brands from all industries are capitalizing on.

It involves brands targeting individuals with large social media audiences and arranging some sort of promotional deal.

The influencer will usually ask for cash payment or some sort of free product from the brand. Alternatively, if the two parties both have similar sized audiences, they might arrange for a promotional post on each other’s channels.

Influencer marketing is particularly rampant in the fashion, beauty, health, and fitness industries, but it can work well within finance too, as the example above shows.

It’s one of several ways that financial companies can make the most of social media.


Guest Posting

 This is a similar concept to influencer marketing, but it involves the financial company putting together some unique content for the influencer’s website. The content will be less promotional in nature than influencer marketing.

Typically, the writer should focus on providing useful information for this new audience and demonstrating their expertise through their content. The writer will add a subtle link to their website towards the end of the article for readers who want to find out more.

An even smarter strategy will be to include a link to a lead magnet in order to get this new audience subscribed to future updates from you.

The Huffington Post is an example of a huge website that regularly accepts guest posts from companies and as well as contributors from many other industries.

Here are some great tips to help you get guest posts submitted on popular websites.


Affiliate Marketing

financial services marketing
Affiliate marketing is a risk-free method to bring more people to your website.

This involves financial companies paying a cut of any sales received from customers that are referred by affiliates. Many financial bloggers will include  affiliate links in their blog posts. This is one of the key ways they fund their blog.

It’s a win-win, because bloggers are incentivized to promote your product, but you don’t have to pay them anything if no sales are made from the partnership.


Choose your Partners Wisely

It’s worth putting some thought into the right partners for your brand though. If that brand pulls some PR nightmare, you can end up guilty by association. It’s worth keeping track of your partner’s social media to ensure you can manage any feedback you get on the content you post.

Nevertheless, by partnering with the correct brands, financial companies can boost their online audience relatively easily.

Ankith S, a digital marketing expert who blogs at, believes that you shouldn’t rush into a relationship with potential collaboration partners.


He says: “The first step involves finding the platform on which they are based. Next, contact them (via mail, chat etc.) and talk in a casual manner. Build relationships and grow your network over time. LinkedIn is perhaps the best platform to find all the content creators in one place.

“Once you’ve developed a rapport with them, it becomes much easier to collaborate.”

Don’t be a stubborn lone wolf. Start searching for suitable content partnerships today and you’ll find it far easier to market your business online. If you need help writing great content for guest posts, web copy, or other content that will help draw partners to your brand, reach out to a professional writing service to take care of all your needs.

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