Easy Content Strategies to Miss

Posted : January 28, 2014

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Content Marketing may be one of the hottest new strategies around for maximizing traffic and profits, but that doesn’t mean that most companies are utilizing it correctly. As with any new way of reaching consumers, there is a great deal of trial and error involved. One of the best things you can do as the head of your business, or the head of content marketing, is pay attention to the largest trends that can substantially affect your income in the future. Some of the biggest and most important things you can do with content management are also the easiest to miss.

Make Your Content Mobile Accessible

With such a focus on responsive technology for smartphones and tablets, it would seem obvious that most content could be optimized for mobile devices. However, even large businesses seem to struggle with making sure their content is available to the growing percentage of the public in developed countries (68% as of January 2014, according to Forbes.com) that uses a mobile device to browse the Internet.

Just because your blog can be viewed on a mobile device doesn’t mean your work is finished. Look into whether the type color and font works when shrunk down to mobile device size. Make sure that the margins of the page shrink accurately and efficiently when your customers go to your blog. Don’t stop at the obvious step of ensuring your content is accessible. Make sure it’s optimized.

Optimize Location-Based Searching

Location-based searching is one of the easiest ways to give yourself an added boost, especially if your company has a brick-and-mortar location. You want to be able to reach anyone searching for what’s closest to them. That’s the easiest way to think about location-based searching. However, the field is growing. Soon, you’ll be able to tailor content to what people are likely to want to see, based on your location. Keep your finger on the pulse of this technology; it’s changing daily, and could be informing your most likely customers about your business (or that of your competitors).

Treat Content as Product

Many businesses think of their content as an afterthought. They build the website, then tack on a blog. They carefully sculpt a product, then slap together a press release at the last moment. Any content you release with your company’s logo attached, even peripherally, absolutely must be held to the standards of your company. If this is difficult for any reason, consider hiring a content marketing service to ensure that you’re getting the most return on your investment, and the best use out of your content possible. Don’t waste your time and sacrifice a fantastic platform just because you weren’t aware how to properly manage your assets.

Revise Your Demographic Constantly

A demographic is one of the most powerful tools you have. They are the people most likely to buy your product, and you have to keep them loyal. However, demographics are changing more quickly than ever before. A primary example of this is the My Little Pony franchise, oddly enough. While it was primarily marketed towards young girls, college-age males started watching the show and became part of the fanbase. No company would have seen this coming, but quick thinking on the part of the company was able to harness the publicity and buying power of this new surge. Be attuned to your demographic, and to any subtle changes that may bring about large changes in your targeting campaigns.

A move towards content and away from the shiny graphics and dislocated keywords that have dominated the Internet for several years can be seen as a positive sign. Make sure that your company is taking full advantage of every bit of this trend. The market is always changing; there are, fortunately, ways to take advantage of even the warning signs.

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