Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site ASAP

By: Eva Webster| VP of Operations @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: January 20, 2016

With new eras come changes. In every area of life, including writing seo content, the digital age is rearing its head, and there are definitely adjustments you need to make when it comes to your business moving forward into the future.


As an entrepreneur or business person, you have the responsibility to yourself and your company to keep moving forward, on into technological ages as the world develops. This includes taking new and positive methods of marketing into consideration, such as adapting to social media management with sites like Hootsuite or writing SEO content to keep your site in check with Google search engine formulas.


Use Hootsuite in combination with SEO content writing services for better business visability.


Mobile browsing is at the peak of its popularity; likely to get even more popular as a litany of other mobile devices such as Apple Watches crop up. In fact, it’s proven that mobile browsing is more popular than desktop browsing now. This means you aren’t building websites the way you used to. All website designers have to keep their eye on trends. The most important one in 2016? Mobile friendly sites.


Making a Mobile Functional Site when Writing SEO Content

This can be a bit tricky. Some website creation engines are already optimized to work on mobile browsers, and these web designers are smart. If you’re a business owner looking for website hosting with premade layouts available, look for hosts that offer you pre-mobile optimized options.


There’s also the option of commissioning a layout. This can be pricy if you’re just starting out in your business, but well worth it if you’re looking at it as an investment for the future. If you’re wary of spending big bucks on a simple layout, you have some choices to make. You can find cheaper website development options easily, but think about other areas of your business you invest in: writing SEO content, unique content writing, outsourcing tasks and other business delegations.


If these are worth investing in, why not a mobile site that you know will get you more views and a bigger audience pool? If you’re dead set on DIY-ing it, here are 10 tips you can use to make your site more mobile friendly.


The Pros List

Here are just a handful of reasons why a site with a mobile layout won’t make it in the future:


  • Non-optimized sites when viewed on a mobile device can be clunky and riddled with errors, causing viewers to leave quickly.
  • Mobile device users want things fast and now. When they’re on the go, they don’t have access to a desktop to use your site the right way, causing them inconvenience and giving you a bad rap.
  • It’s very likely that your competitors are using mobile optimization on their website. If you aren’t and they are, guess who your shared marketed audience will choose.
  • It’s relatively easy to do depending on your already established site. WordPress users can easily add components to their site to make them mobile friendly.
  • Mobile sites require different SEO parameters for design. Writing SEO content that also works with content generated by mobile site developers can give you a one-two punch of search engine optimization across the board. These adjustments are also very simple, like checking on page speed and removing Flash from your site.


Because the changes are so easy and the assets mobile sites bring are so numerous, what’s the harm in changing with the times?