Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools, but is your company leveraging its power to generate leads, nurture prospects, and ultimately boost revenue?

Many companies send out huge amounts of messages in an attempt to use email marketing. However, this does not mean that they are actually making an impact with their audience. In fact, the majority of businesses that try to use email marketing fail to truly share their message from the moment that they click send. This is not because their recipients don’t receive the message, it’s because they will never read them. Even if they are opened, most marketing emails that haven’t been crafted by an expert email writing service will probably never be read.

The question is – why do so many people fail as email copywriters?

The primary reason for this is that many people try to do it on their own without any critical strategy or experience to inform their efforts. This is not totally their fault as it takes time to grow. What is their fault is failing to do something to improve their efforts.

Without a doubt, the best way to create great email marketing campaigns is by working with a company that knows exactly what type of copy it takes to succeed. If you aren’t sure about the copywriting company that you are working with, here are a few mistakes that signal it is time to find a new one.

The Most Common Mistakes Of Bad Email Copywriting Companies

Terrible Subject Lines

The subject line is probably one of the most important aspects of email marketing. This is your first and last opportunity to get your reader to open your email. If you do not have a subject line that pulls them in within seconds, you have lost your opportunity to share your message.

No Clear Call-To-Action

The intent of email marketing is to inspire your audience to act. If the copy in your email doesn’t achieve this, then it has ultimately failed. A talented email copywriter will clearly spell out exactly what your business is asking the reader to do.

Long-Winded Messages

Any good email copywriter knows that the fastest way to lose a reader’s attention is by saying too much. People are busy and constantly bombarded with emails. This means that if your email’s copy doesn’t get straight to the point then your email is going straight to the trash bin.

Misrepresenting Your Brand

Any communication with your audience is an extension of your brand. This emphasizes the importance of using an email copywriter that accurately represents your core image. In order to achieve this, you need to work with a copywriter who understands your products, services, and core values with complete comprehension.

What Is The Perfect Email?

The truth is… the perfect email is different every time. Great email copywriting knows its audience and crafts a message that appeals directly to them. However, if you consider what a skilled email writing service provides and what an inexperienced writer produces, there are some clear differences.

Great email marketing comes down to creating engaging content that is targeted to its audience and provides a value exchange that inspires action. Of course, there are a huge number of nuances and technical strategies that are necessary as well, but this is something that takes years to learn.

There is no one that knows this better than a reliable copywriting company. That being said, here are 3 ways to create great email copy today!

Hire An Experienced Email Writing Service

Hiring a reputable email writing service is one of the most secure ways of creating email copy that can sell. Experienced email copywriters know exactly what to say to catch a prospect’s attention and they know how to facilitate a campaign to maximize its effectiveness. For example, realtors who want great email copy might turn to a marketing firm that specializes in real estate marketing.

Employ An In-House Email Copywriter

This may be one of the most expensive options, but if you know anything about email marketing, then you know that it has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy. If you have the work to justify it, then this is another great way to create powerful email marketing. However, it is almost always more cost-effective to hire an external email writing service.

Use An Email Marketing Service

If you insist on creating your own email marketing content, then it is necessary to at least use an email marketing service like AWeber. This will give you way more capacity to create engaging content and will help ensure error-free campaigns.