Your Guide to Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

Posted : September 24, 2018

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Writing Product Descriptions

Do your product descriptions compel consumers to hit “Add to Cart” while on your page? E-commerce websites can significantly improve sales and organic search rankings by writing product descriptions that are richly detailed, use specific keywords and paint a picture of how the customer will ultimately benefit from making a purchase.

For many consumers, the product descriptions you use can be a major deciding factor in whether or not they spend money with your company. In fact, millennials are 40% more likely than other age groups to say that a product’s description is extremely important to their purchasing decision.

Know Your Audience

Would you use formal language when trying to describe a whoopee cushion? Or use sarcasm when advertising a life jacket? In the same way, think of who your ideal customer is and what audience will be reading your product descriptions. Your copy should also match your brand’s voice, whether that’s lighthearted and playful or more corporate.

Get Specific

It’s not enough to list out the main features of your product. You need to explain how they fit into your customer’s life and how it will solve their problem or address their need.

“Product descriptions need to answer questions, not just boast features,” says Alex Kafure, a digital marketing consultant. “Don’t tell me it’s a ‘Lithium Ion Battery with 8 Billion Watts,’ I want to know how long the battery lasts.”

Avoid using jargon and overly-technical terms that don’t immediately describe what sets your product apart and how it will work once you receive it. Think of it from the perspective of your audience, who might be viewing several other items just like yours.

“’Only 16 Pounds” sounds light, but why not tell me that by saying, ‘Lightest Bicycle Under $200’ instead,” says Kafure. “Think selling points instead of features. We all know the Bazooka 5000 is revolutionary, but break it down in ways I can explain to someone else without them falling asleep.”

But Avoid Certain Words

There are certain words that will make most readers cringe and stop reading your product description. This includes words like “breakthrough,” “unique,” “innovative,” “revolutionary” and other over-used phrases. Unless you truly have made a one-of-a-kind product that is unlike any other on the market, be realistic with how you describe your product. Be honest and transparent when describing your product and instead play up the features that make it the logical choice for a consumer.

Make Them Part of the Story

How will your product benefit your customers and improve their lives or solve their problem? Keep the end-user in mind when describing your product and make them part of its story. Use words like “you” to help them see themselves using this product, and specifically call out certain scenarios that this product could be used in.

Optimize for Keywords

Use a tool like Ahrefs or Google Keyword Planner to create a list of keywords that fit into your specific product and/or brand. Try to use one or two of these within your product description in order to help it rank on search engine result pages. For example, if you’re selling women’s high-heeled shoes, get specific with phrases like “black patent heels” or “red satin stilettos.” Think of what the consumer will be typing into Google, and what will bring them to your page.

Need help writing product descriptions that will let your audience know exactly what your item is all about? We can help you craft copy that suits your brand’s voice and helps increase sales. Contact us today to learn how.
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