Turn a Website into a Brand – 3 Easy Tips

Posted : January 28, 2014

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Building a website is the first step to becoming a name in your chosen field. Using SEO copywriting services is integral to building the most effective site for generating traffic that connects to your brand. 

The best way to facilitate audience conversion and prevent casual viewers from being your primary source of traffic is to build brand loyalty. In order to do this, it is of paramount importance that the brand become an entity, fused with the website, that speaks to your customers about what exactly they are getting whenever they visit your website.
There is a reason people ask for “a Kleenex” when any facial tissue would do.
Whether you run a dating website or a luggage company, whether you’re a struggling artist or a tech startup, your brand is the most potent form of long-term currency investment you can make. By building your brand from Day One you are setting yourself up for a lifetime with each customer that thinks of your name first. Let’s unpack how to get this done with the help of our professional SEO Copywriting Services.

Social Media Branding


While much of the flurry about social media can seem to be a flash in the pan, it is also an un-missable opportunity to connect with your audience. If your company is one that has a great deal of contact with consumers, enough to build up a relationship as opposed to a company that relies on one-time purchasers, you’re missing out on a huge chance for audience retention if you don’t build a social media presence.

While your company should of course be using social media such as Facebook and Twitter (and you almost certainly already are), you have to ascertain that you’re using these sites correctly for maximum conversion. The best thing you can do is not entrust your social media to an intern, no matter how cheap or Internet-savvy he or she may seem. Every interaction with your customers is a way to build your brand in their mind. Make certain that your logo and brand colors are prominent on your profile page for each social media network, as well as in your avatars.

Emphasize SEO in Content


Building a brand is important for more reasons than wanting to be noticed and recognized. When your customers associate your site and your image with the product they want to purchase, a powerful link forms in the minds of the audience. More importantly, this is why good SEO practices are worth more than to simply drive up hits.

When your website consistently ranks high in SEO, that builds brand loyalty. Certain websites like Google have so powerfully entrenched themselves in the minds of consumers that many consumers start associating ubiquity with quality. There’s a reason that Coke outperforms in every taste test—except blind taste tests, in which it underperforms every time, according to Slate.com and “The Coke Paradox.” When consumers see your site continually ranked high on Google for your keywords, they start to associate you, whether erroneously or by association, as “Google’s Favorite.” Whether you can handle this branding yourself, or whether you need to hire an SEO copywriting service, this is an important step you cannot miss.

Build Brand Loyalty – Before the Brand Exists


It is never too early to start building your brand. Your logo should be perfect from day one, and no matter how you evolve and change it, should retain the key elements. Every word in your content should emphasize that for what you provide, this is the standard. You are the real deal. Nowhere should you boast of being “just as good” as the brand-name version. If you’re the smallest, you’re the most genuine. Be the real deal in every word of content you produce, and your consumers will react accordingly.

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