The Top 20 Content Marketing Podcasts of 2024

Posted : January 6, 2020

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Boy, there are a lot of podcasts out there. With content marketing on the move, podcasts seem to be the new way to repurpose your work and engage with your audience. It’s not a bad idea, either. Research shows that business is one of the most popular podcast genres. Additionally, in 2019, 51% of the U.S. population reported listening to a podcast.

So, podcasts are certainly the new wave. If you’re a business owner looking for a new challenge, starting a podcast is a smart move. However, if you’re a listener looking for the best content marketing podcast, you have your work cut out for you. With dozens to rifle through, the search for the most valuable one is challenging. 

That’s why we’ve decided to help! Here, we’ve compiled our collection for the top content marketing podcasts of 2024.

Top Content Marketing Podcasts

What you’ll learn about: Marketing tips and trends
Average episode length: 25 minutes

For over ten years, hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn have provided listeners with insight into the world of marketing. Each week, these two get together and discuss all aspects of marketing and its impact on the world of business. 

Marketing Over Coffee is a great place for anyone new to the world of content marketing. Wall and Penn sit with such guests as Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, and Rand Fishkin and dive deep into marketing trends that other podcasts don’t. They also break down topics in understandable ways free of jargon.

What you’ll learn about: All things content marketing and strategy
Average episode length: 40 minutes

Hands down, Animalz is one of the top content marketing podcasts out there. The show’s produced by employees from the Animalz content marketing agency, so you’re in good hands. Though it just celebrated its one-year anniversary in September, listeners still have plenty of episodes to learn from. 

The episodes cover every facet of content marketing. Listeners can hear about the top marketing trends, copycat content, and the three biggest challenges content marketers face. Regardless of where you are in your content marketing journey, Animalz always brings something fresh to the table.

What you’ll learn about: Marketing tips and tactics
Average episode length: 25 minutes

Host John Jantsch is no stranger to the world of small business. For years, he’s shared invaluable insight into marketing and helped small businesses overcome their biggest struggles. His podcast is just as impactful as his personal work. 

These relatively short episodes cram a lot of helpful tips and tricks into them. A few times each week listeners can learn about how to build your brand, how to create a successful event, and how to become a master influencer. Jantsch shares his personal tips, excerpts from his book, in addition to his interviews with experts like Jay Baer, Brian Dean, and Dan Schawbel.

What you’ll learn about: Marketing and writing
Average episode length: 25 minutes

Copyblogger has long been hailed as a great resource for content marketers. Host Darrell Vesterfelt sits down with various experts in the industry who discuss all facets of content marketing and writing. That includes information on branches like email marketing, copywriting, influencer marketing, and how to create strong content.

The episodes aren’t particularly long, but they’re jam-packed with useful information for businesses of all sizes. Notable guests like Nathan Barry, Seth Godin and Shane Snow talk about marketing and storytelling practices that make us all better at what we do.

podcast equipment

What you’ll learn about: Success stories from unconventional paths
Average episode length: 40 minutes

You can turn just about anywhere for the “best” marketing advice. Blog posts, books, gated content, even podcasts have the top strategies for marketers. But what about those who strayed away from the tried and true methods? Where are their stories? You’ll find them in Jay Acunzo’s Unthinkable.

Each episode highlights unorthodox marketing techniques and why they can work for your business. Listeners can hear about the challenges of innovation, how to adapt to the market, and how to communicate your business’ values.

Unthinkable is one of the top content marketing podcasts out there thanks to its unique approach to the practice. At the end of the day, it’s sometimes better to hear how people made their own way.

What you’ll learn about: Marketing and startup strategies
Average episode length: 40-50 minutes

As far as content marketing podcasts go, Amy Porterfield’s show is one of the more notable. Online Marketing Made Easy is often referred to as a valuable resource for any startup business or those interested in learning the best marketing strategies.

Porterfield masterfully combines her personality and knowledge to deliver a comprehensible strategy for listeners. However, she ups the ante with her equally experienced guests, including Marie Forleo, Neil Patel, and Rick Mulready. Together, they delve into topics like Facebook ads, SEO plans, and how to shift your mindset for success. 

This podcast has been around for years, so if you’re new to the program you’ll have plenty of material to sift through. Each episode, even the shorter ones, offers listeners the kind of advice they can apply to their marketing strategies.

What you’ll learn about: Startup and business advice
Average episode length: 30 minutes

Even if you just started your business, you’ve probably heard of HubSpot. They’ve been chock full of invaluable information for years, helping businesses build themselves from the ground up. If you haven’t already guessed, their podcast is just as incredible as their blog content.

If you have about half an hour to spare, you can listen to experts reveal how they started their companies and what strategies they use to stay on top. Part of what makes this podcast so innovative is that it covers all aspects of business, meaning almost anyone can tune in. For example, episode discussions range from insurance to outdoor apparel to an entrepreneur’s rejection.

What you’ll learn about: Digital marketing
Average episode length: 60 minutes

If you want a podcast that gets straight to the point, Marketing Speak is the one for you. Host Stephan Spencer discusses everything the title suggests. Knowledgeable guests delve into all corners or digital and content marketing, providing awesome information for over an hour. 

Do you want some digestible SEO advice from none other than Tim Soulo? How about creativity from bestseller Bill Donius? Do you need branding tips from the likes of Re Perez? This podcast has all this information readily available. 

Marketing Speak thoroughly cover tips and tricks, but they also provide you with exclusive insights on where things are headed. 

What you’ll learn about: Content marketing
Average episode length: 60 minutes

As if hosts Rob Rose and Joe Pulizzi wouldn’t have awesome advice in their podcast! This Old Marketing is any content marketer’s go-to for advice, insight on the industry, and two guys who’ve been in the business for a long time.

If you have a question about content marketing, chances are Rose and Pulizzi have an answer for you (if they haven’t already provided one). Each week, you can tune in to listen to them rant about things like creating content amid new regulations, whether Google is killing websites, and native advertising. They also have plenty to offer regarding social media platforms and familiar conglomerates.

What you’ll learn about: SEO advice and tricks
Average episode length: 70 minutes

SEO plays a significant role in content marketing. So, why not tune in to a podcast that walks you through all the latest news and tips on search engine optimization? Experts on the Wire is one of the best places you can go for all the information you could ever want on the most useful tools, which direction SEO is headed, and new trends.

Hosted by Dan Shure, he brings together expert guests every business can learn a thing or two from. Among the more notable interviews you can indulge in are talks with Rand Fishkin, Tim Soulo, and Mike King.

What you’ll learn about: Entrepreneurship
Average episode length: 60 minutes

While this podcast technically caters to entrepreneurs, you can still learn a good deal about content marketing and all that it entails from Noah Kagan Presents.

Whether you’re new to content marketing or simply trying to start your own business, Kagan has the kind of advice you’re looking for. Episodes get to the heart of things like eCommerce marketing, how to optimize your finances, and creating a successful SaaS business. 

One of the greatest things about this podcast is that Kagan is a down-to-earth host who doesn’t speak in marketing tongues. He helps you succeed and ensures you know it’s okay to struggle.

What you’ll learn about: Marketing advice 
Average episode length: 30 minutes

Brought to you by MarketingProfs, Marketing Smarts is a weekly podcast that features interviews with experienced marketers. Episodes get their take on issues like SEO, advertising, and building your brand. Plus, with such short episodes, there’s no reason not to tune in!

Each episode offers awesome information into topics like customer experience, account-based marketing, and how to use storytelling for content marketing. Notable guests include Timothy Seward, Dan Schwabel, and Jeremiah Owyang.  

Marketing Smarts is a good tool for anyone in the industry. If you’re trying to learn the ropes or looking to keep up with the latest trend, this podcast is for anyone.

What you’ll learn about: Marketing advice and tips
Average episode length: 35 minutes

Certainly one of the funnest content marketing podcasts, Marketing Companion is a terrific resource for anyone interested in commentary on the world of marketing and business.

Hosted by Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas, they interview guests with tons of marketing know-how. Part of this podcast’s charm is listening to Sellas and Schaefer bounce ideas and trends off one another. Just listening to these two chat about the industry comes with its own insights and advice that you can take to the bank. 

It’s also a good podcast for anyone interested in general business musings from two rather funny people. Be sure to check out their episodes on fake news, the future of advertising, and where social media is headed.

What you’ll learn about: All aspects of digital marketing
Average episode length: 45 minutes

Hosted by Erin Sparks of Site Strategics, Edge of the Web is a podcast that delves into all areas of digital marketing. Listeners can enjoy episodes on SEO, content creation, marketing strategies, and of course, content marketing. 

This podcast is one that truly lives up to its name. With knowledgeable guests like Tim Soulo, Mark Schaefer, and Jon Henshaw, you know you’re getting information from those who know what they’re talking about. An added bonus is that the episodes are longer, too. So, listeners can really get to the meat of these topics.

What you’ll learn about: Digital marketing
Average episode length: 8 minutes

Is it any wonder that titans of industry Neil Patel and Eric Siu have a thing or two to say about digital marketing? It shouldn’t come as a shock either that these two teamed up to host Marketing School, a simple podcast that breaks down actionable advice tidbits. 

With these episodes lasting anywhere from five to ten minutes, there’s no reason not to tune in. In just a short amount of time, Siu and Patel share their thoughts on how you can learn digital marketing quicker, free tools to look at, and habits that make you a better marketer.

What you’ll learn about: Marketing tools and technology
Average episode length: 30 minutes

It’s great that you want to learn about content marketing. Truly! But, learning about it can only get you so far. Everyone could use the help of a useful tool or technology every now and then. Enter Growth Marketing Toolbox. 

Host Nicholas Scalice chats with marketers, product creators, and the like to learn about which tools they use or created. Who better to learn about marketing tools than from the people who made it? But, if you’re a little wary about taking advice from the horse’s mouth, marketing specialists frequently appear on the show, so you can know which tech is best for you right now.

What you’ll learn about: Thoughts on business
Average episode length: 30 minutes

Did you know that Harvard Business Review has a podcast? Well, they do, and it’s just as insightful as their publication’s content.  Their podcast features a variety of awesome guests who provide advice and insight on business.

With over 700 episodes to plough through, company owners and marketers can tune in to listen to a bunch of helpful topics, all delving into the various aspects of a business. Listeners can learn all about balancing relationships and work life, business jargon, and how companies get creativity right.

What you’ll learn about: Social media and content marketing
Average episode length: 45 minutes

Social media marketing is a large part of content marketing, but it’s its own beast. Social Pros, hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown, is hands down one of the top podcasts for advice on both these practices.

Part of what makes this podcast so special is its guests. Unlike similar podcasts who interview experts, Social Pros speak with real people. Each guest share methods they apply to their current marketing strategies. So, listeners can rest easy knowing they’re hearing authentic advice.

What you’ll learn about: How to repurpose content
Average episode length: 10 minutes

Repurposing your posts is a vital aspect of content marketing. Not only does it give old posts a new life, but there are also several different ways you can do it. Content 10X shows you all the different ways to achieve repurposing, all in easily digestible episodes.

Host Amy Woods sits down with guests or shares personal tips on how you can repurpose various kinds of content. Her episodes delve into topics like making blog posts from videos and repurposing blog posts on social media. She’s also sat down with experts like Jay Baer and Andy Crestodina, so you’ll always walk away with new knowledge from the industry’s experts.

What you’ll learn about: Digital content and marketing
Average episode length: 35 minutes

Content Matters is a relatively new podcast on the scene, having just released its first episode in early 2019. However, in a mere 10 available episodes, they’ve proven themselves worthy of your time. Host Barb Zinck sits down with various experts in the world of digital content and marketing, providing listeners with tips and tricks in every episode.

If you have about half an hour to kill, you’ll learn about storytelling in B2B marketing, how interactive design is changing, and the role content plays in the digital world. It didn’t take very long for Content Matters to show why they’re one of the top content marketing podcasts.

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