The Importance of Having Newsletters for Real Estate Professionals

Posted : September 8, 2022

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Real estate marketers use agile strategies to maintain strong leads and keep their communities abreast of what’s going on in an ever-evolving housing market. Relationship building is your bread and butter. Without it, you’re toast. The right marketing tools allow you to showcase your best attributes as a real estate agent while making you increasingly marketable to clients, keeping you at the top of clients’ minds, and maximizing your opportunities to improve your bottom line. Real estate newsletters are one such tool you can use to make the necessary connections within your community or city, helping you become an authoritative figure within your industry. 

When you do them thoughtfully and tinge them with engaging content, email newsletters can do wonders for your brand. You can constantly stay in touch with clients long after closing, providing them with updates on housing availability and values. Plus, you can use your real estate newsletters to advertise the best bits of your real estate blog, further showcasing your thought leadership capabilities within the real estate industry. The average open rate for emails across industries is over 21%. To make your brand shine and ensure your open rates are better than average, realizing the importance of newsletters is a big step towards achieving increased relevance in a highly competitive marketplace. 


Investing in Real Estate Newsletters Makes You Digitally Savvy 

You’ve probably heard the term ‘digital transformation’ ad nauseam, which many industries embrace as the new normal, which has forced so many businesses and processes to modernize themselves to keep up with increased demand. More digital and mobile marketing technology continues to be introduced, rendering old school marketing means like direct mail largely obsolete. You need to have an increased online presence to survive as a brand. 

There are many ways to increase your online presence, with social media particularly helpful and easy to set up to communicate with potential customers directly. However, email newsletters allow you to be just as direct with your marketing efforts. Plus, real estate newsletters are affordable and easy to set up through various tools, including MailChimp. Considering there are four billion people worldwide who currently have email addresses, it provides you with a deep list of potential connections and customers to reach out to. You can also reach out to customers who don’t frequent social media. They’re more likely to check their emails than their social media accounts (if they have any), widening your brand outreach possibilities. 

Emails are easy to check, whether on laptops or mobile devices. Plus, you don’t have to worry about how to phrase your emails, unlike on social media, where there are guidelines that force you to be a bit more careful about how you express yourself. 


Email Newsletters Provide More Personalized Experiences for Clients

While emails may not seem as vogue as they did when the internet boom of the late 90s and early 2000s occurred, many professionals still see emails as valuable business tools. According to studies, around 93% of real estate agents prefer emails to communicate with their clientele. 

Real estate newsletters allow real estate agents and brands to personalize their marketing campaigns, highlighting the best elements of their content while embedding social media and other elements to appeal to clients and garner their increased attention. With real estate newsletters, you aren’t simply limited to text. Technology has evolved so much over the years that you can use videos, GIFs, or other aesthetics to keep readers engaged when reading your newsletters. You can also make your newsletters SEO-friendly by incorporating industry-relevant keywords, allowing them to reach more people and potentially increase your subscriber list. 

You can use your newsletters to interact with clients in a modernized, social way. People increasingly value personalized experiences and demand that from the brands they frequent. As a result, you’re creating more meaningful experiences for your clients. 


Newsletters Are Less About Sales and more About Forming Relationships

‘But isn’t real estate marketing about trying to win more clients?’ you ask. Of course, the goal of any marketing campaign is to increase your clientele. However, newsletters are less about simply trying to win clients and more about HOW you win them. And, your typical sales pitches simply won’t do. 

Sales pitches easily turn people off, especially if they are emotionless or callous. Your newsletters aren’t sales pitches. They are an opportunity to showcase your knowledge base within the real estate industry. Real estate newsletters allow you to inform clients and prospects about the facts and figures about the housing market they should know about. Additionally, your newsletters should offer quick tips about issues homeowners constantly think about, from mortgage payments/terms to renovation best practices. 

Your real estate emails should delve into industry trends, news, and any insider information that you can share about the marketplace. You can include some of your best blog articles covering the hot-button issues within real estate. You can also include links from reputable mainstream publications and any videos explaining something that your clients want to know about. Your newsletters should be creative but highly informative. You only have so many words to play with when using a newsletter, as the average newsletter is around 200 words. But, you can design your newsletter to include small chunks of content that are easy for people to read and digest. 

By getting to the meat of the matter in your newsletter, you provide the food for thought clients value, forming more trusting relationships with them.

You Can Create Interactive Content to Engage People 

Newsletters are a reliable organic traffic generator to get people coming back for more, whether content, news items, or services. One reason is that you make your newsletters interactive so that your subscribers participate. You can provide incentives for their participation, driving engagement.

You can use quizzes and polls to drive increased interaction when sending your real estate newsletters. With quizzes and polls, you can engage with passive leads while providing the extra benefit of finding out their leads’ best interests and preferences for real estate agents. With the polls, you can pose questions regarding the types of homes your clients prefer to live in, the amenities they want, and more, seeing what your clients like and then tailoring future offers or newsletters to reflect what your newsletter subscribers like. 

You can select from a variety of pre-built templates to optimize your newsletter design so you make them interactive. For their participation, you can offer a free guide or perks and show your subscribers some of your blog content so they can stay tuned to future updates, generating increased website traffic to increase its search engine positioning. 


By establishing a relationship with Article-Writing.Co, you can develop strong, catchy, and informative real estate newsletters that position you as a strong leadership figure within your industry while addressing the biggest needs among your consumer base, winning you more potential sales opportunities. Reach out to our email copywriting experts, and let’s improve your content creation capabilities to make your brand the best!


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