Guide to Promoting CX in Your Content

Posted : July 14, 2020

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Customer experience (CX) is vital to your business success. How your customer feels after purchasing your products or services is going to impact if they stay loyal customers, so it’s a given that perfecting your CX is very important. But, did you know you can use your CX to gain new leads and convert them? By promoting CX in your content, you can show potential customers how they’ll be treated and how they can tailor their experience with you. Here’s how.

Draw up some case studies

Case studies are stories from your customers about how you solved their problems. Written in a way to present the customer problem, then the solution you provided and the results from that solution. In other words, case studies are real-life examples of what your business can do for a potential customer. We specialize in writing case studies for businesses. Schedule a strategy call with one of our content marketing experts and find out how we can create professional and sale-converting case studies for your brand and help you with promoting CX.

“Asking your customers to talk about their experience with your brand Ifor a case study) is a pretty clear cut way to promoting CX using content.” – Christine Glossop from Looka

User-generated content

User-generated content is a great way to show potential customers how your current customers use your products in a beneficial way. This unfiltered content speaks volumes because it is coming right from the mouths of customers.

“UGC of your customers using, enjoying, and connecting with your products or services is maybe the most impactful way to promote your CX using content. By giving customers the microphone and letting them create the content, you get the most authentic version of what your brand’s customer experience is actually like.” Christine Glossop from Looka

Listening to your customers

“Anticipating needs is central to delivering a great customer experience and should be top of mind throughout the entire customer journey. Your content marketing engine can help you head off customer questions and needs before they’re ever expressed. To begin messaging positive CX with all of your content, roll up your sleeves and get ready to research. To get started, make sure to keep track of your internal communications. From chatbots to emails, your customers have already raised important questions for you, but don’t simply address them and move on. This is great fodder for content development, as others are probably asking the very same. Next, follow all the influencers in your space. YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn are just a couple platforms where you can put your ear to the ground and gather intel about what your prospects are looking for and common pain points they face. Not only will you put your finger on the pulse of your industry, you will have a better gauge on what topics will be valuable for your audience. Also, make an extensive list of your competitors and scour their blogs and forums. See what questions are garnering a lot of engagement and jot them down—you should have a voice on these issues as well.

Now that you have done your due diligence and gathered valuable insights, start creating knock-out blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, YouTube videos and other content that assures your customers your solutions answer their wants and needs. But, it is important to remember that promoting CX through your content requires you to stay on top of trends that could shift these needs and wants at the drop of a hat. The more you get ahead of questions with timely and effective content, the more you will position yourself as a company with all the industry know-how. In a market where consumers prefer to be educated versus pitched to, this type of relationship building is priceless and it is the main ingredient for communicating a stellar CX.” – David Greenberg of Act-On

Business man success in job

“We don’t create and publish content randomly—each piece of content we have is inspired by a customer support ticket or a question that a customer had at some point. If they need help with a specific aspect of using our app, we write down their request and start drafting a piece of content around it. That way, we’ve been able to create some great posts that not only promote our product, but also help our existing customers with any problems they may be having. It’s a superb way of showing off what your product can do and being helpful at the same time.” – Matt Scholz of Airfocus

Offer rewards for their actions

“Customers would love it if they were to receive freebies or rewards in exchange for sharing your content or promoting your brand with their followers. Aside from providing satisfaction to your clients through incentives for their efforts, this strategy will also expand your brand’s awareness.” – Sonya Schwartz of Her Norm

“Our goal is for a customer to purchase a product they love and then apply to become a brand ambassador. To do this, we’ve placed the Become a Brand Ambassador directly next to the Purchase Product page and have made it as easy as possible to apply to become a brand ambassador. On the homepage of the website, we visually explain how the Brandbass process works. We use our content to inform users about what we do, how they can become a part of it, and then focus on having a user-friendly experience on mobile and web.” – Cassie Moorhead of Brandbass

Ensuring a cohesive brand strategy through the customer experience and the content when promoting CX

“Content marketing should bring together a cohesive view of your brand and brand persona in terms of both the topics and content itself and the voice and style used for the content. Combined, this leaves the reader with a certain impression and a number of largely unconscious key takeaways about your brand and approach to things.

This means that content can be leveraged to both improve your CX and highlight your CX provision, leaving prospects with a clear if subtle impression of what your customer experience entails; how comprehensive it is, how personalized the customer journey is, what support is available, and how invested your brand is in creating a good impression and backing it up in action.

How this looks depends on the type of content you’re working with and it’s other goals, but vitally, should always support your brand voice and contribute to the overall cohesive tone and persona that you wish to get across, over all of your marketing channels and campaigns.” – Polly Kay of English Blinds

“At Cardinal Digital Marketing we utilize our digital content to promote our customer experience. Our blog features a variety of content including pieces that cover ‘top questions’ and highlight client results. This type of content is geared toward providing information to inform and educate in an easy-to-use format. Our website content is very thorough, with user-friendly details and structure.” – Alex Membrillo of Cardinal Digital Marketing

We can help you write content that focuses on promoting CX. Ask us for some samples of how we’ve done this for our other customers!

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