A Perfect Merger: Writing and Law

Posted : February 28, 2018

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From small private practices to large law firms, attorneys are learning the value of a new ally in the world of marketing: writers. Developing factual, informative, and readable content that drives traffic to law firms’ websites is a key resource for securing new clients and business. Law firm content marketing is critical to your success. Let’s dig in.

Finding the time to write regular content can be a challenge for many busy lawyers. Calendars packed with court hearings and client meetings mean that marketing and content writing concerns often end up at the bottom of most attorneys’ to-do lists.

Establishing and cultivating a professional relationship with an experienced and knowledgeable legal writer provides lawyers with a valuable partner to boost online presence and marketing.

Words are the Most Powerful Tools

The same way well-written briefs or memos sway a judge and jury, powerfully written legal articles and blogs will influence new clients. Firms can use online presence, blogs, articles, and well-crafted webpages as commanding resources to reach a wide range of legal consumers.

Successful attorneys know the significance of investing in high quality presentation as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Speaking to Clio Advocates, attorney Jordan Couch of the Palace Law Firm advises fellow lawyers about the importance of an online presence in today’s legal market. “Have a valuable website, and create valuable content. If you demonstrate your value instead of describing it, potential clients will flock to you.”

A qualified and talented wordsmith gives your legal content the energy it needs to reach out and attract consumers. Enjoy the value of increased exposure and traffic by relying on a legal content writer to put the power of words to work for you.

law firm content marketing

Tackle the Toughest Issues — Plainly

The law is frequently a complex and convoluted topic. Statutes, briefs, and law journals can be difficult to understand and tedious for most people to read. Consumers appreciate when an attorney makes sense of a new statute or court decision, and takes the time to explain a basic legal concept in plain English.

In a podcast for the National Law Review, Jim Matsoukas of Pierce Attwood, LLP identifies the biggest marketing challenge for the legal industry, saying that most lawyers must, “Be more sophisticated and more strategic about the language we use in articles, and publications and how that matches up with people looking for legal services.”

Sharing your knowledge and expertise via online content creates lasting impressions with legal consumers, but only if they can understand it. A legal writer serves as an informal translator between the law and the average person.

Rely on the Appropriate Expert

One of the most compelling reasons to turn to niche content writers for legal needs is based on different skill sets between lawyers and writers. The Huffington Post once headlined an online article on legal marketing: “Lawyers are Terrible at Content Marketing.”

Legal content development writers focus on your message, but have the experience and know-how to tailor the language to a specific audience. They create a successful merger of the law and language to drive traffic, grow readership, and engage new clients for successful marketing of your practice or firm.

When consumers need legal assistance, they rely on the experience of an attorney who knows the law. And when the most successful lawyers need engaging and informative legal content, they turn to a team of professional writers familiar with the law who will get their messages out and their practices noticed.

Let Article-Writing.co do the work for you

We are an experienced company with a writing team that has been the antithesis of each of these mistakes. 

It isn’t easy to find talented, reliable writers that do extensive research and provide the best content, but by avoiding the mistakes above, we’ve done it! We can craft the right kind of law firm content marketing and provide you with an expansive strategy to get your clients. 

Outsource your blog writing needs to us and you’ll get access to our skilled team of writers and editors, all without you having to go through the rigorous hiring process.

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