10 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Posted : October 31, 2018

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Use the ten tips below to help improve your skills and more effectively create copy that converts for your audience.

1. Get Back to Basics

When you’re writing copy all day every day, it’s easy to fall into the trap of pushing out projects without taking time to make sure your copy is well written. Brush up on your skills by taking a quick grammar course, or by teaching someone else about copywriting to give yourself a reminder at the same time.

2. Learn from Others

There are some amazing copywriters sharing their work on the web. When you’re not writing your own copy, take time to read theirs. Pay attention to the social media posts from businesses, read those promotional emails in your inbox, and take note of pop ups asking you to sign up for newsletters. Learn both what to do and what not to do based on what you notice is working or not working for others.

3. Use Shorter Paragraphs

Think about the articles and blog posts you like to read. Are they solid blocks of text or is the content typically divided into easy to read sections? An easy way to improve your copywriting skills is to break up text into sections with headings. After reading through the entire body of content, your readers will be able to easily scroll through and find exactly what they’re looking for later.

4. Use Lists and Bullet Points

Just like breaking content into sections helps readers understand what you’re writing about, lists and bullet points allow readers to take in information in bite-sized pieces.  There’s even some science behind our love of lists! Use them in your writing to help readers understand what you’re saying and to keep them interested.

5. Clean Up the Clutter

Copy should be short, sweet, and to the point. There’s no need for fluff that won’t add any value to the piece you’re writing. Draw readers in with your first paragraph, then offer short sections that get your point across.



6. Research Before Writing

Your readers want informative, interesting information that can be backed up by stats, facts, and reliable sources. If you want to improve your copywriting skills, stop writing for a minute and do a little research first. Find experts to quote and look at sources that will let you write more knowledgeably about your subject.

7. Write for Your Audience

No matter what you’re writing, always keep your audience in mind. Your goal should always be to tailor your message to your target audience in a way that promotes the brand you’re writing for.

8. Write with Authority

Let your audience know why they should be trusting you to give them information. Prove that you’re an expert by offering well-written copy, backing up your claims with trusted sources, and using facts and stats to build credibility.

9. Include Necessary Details

When your readers are finished with your copy, they should know what message you were trying to get across. Avoid any confusion by offering the details they need, using specific language. At the end of your copy, your reader should know exactly what their next step should be.

10. Edit, Edit, and Edit Some More

When you’ve finished writing a piece, it can be incredibly difficult to go back and take out the words you just worked so hard on. However, editing is an important skill to improve your copywriting skills. Keep sentences short. Remove extraneous words. Focus on getting to the point of your message.

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