How to Write Compelling Copy

Posted : October 9, 2018

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Copywriting requires a certain amount of skill and talent that can be developed over time. If you’re curious about how to write compelling copy that converts, use the tips below to get started.

Know Your Audience

If you want to write compelling copy, you’ll first need to know exactly who you’re writing to. You most likely already have an idea of who the target audience is for your company. This step breaks that down even further. You want to know who the target audience is for this specific piece of copy. Pinpoint who you’d like to reach so you can tailor your copy to that reader.

Have a Clear Goal

All copy should serve a purpose. Before you begin writing, decide exactly what the goal of your project will be. Keep that goal at the forefront as you plan and create your content. The goal could be anything from encouraging readers to click over to your website to making a purchase at that moment. Whatever your goal might be, all of your copy should support it.

Generate Interest with a Headline

The headline of your content is the first thing a reader will notice. It’s important that you use it to grab your readers’ interest. Research from HubSpot shows that the titles between 6 and 13 words get the most clicks. Using powerful words and eye catching phrases will convince readers to dig into your content. Make your first impression a good one.

Make it Relevant

Each person that reads your content should be able to find a way to connect. Ideally, your readers will see how your content directly relates to their own situation. You can create these connections using metaphors, stories, and examples.  Case studies are an excellent example of how to write compelling copy that readers relate to. These studies are stories of successful projects, allowing readers to put themselves in the position of the client being described.

Break Up Content

Well written copy is easy to read. One way to improve the readability of your content is to break it up. Skip huge blocks of text. Most readers will skip over those while looking for the highlights that apply to them. Break that block of text into short, easy to read sections with headers. Lists, either numbered or with bullet points, can also be an effective way to break up content.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Learning how to write compelling copy involves some sales techniques. One lesson that copywriters should learn is how to create a sense of urgency. This means providing your readers with an offer and letting them know they’ll need to act fast to take advantage of it. We see copy like this all the time. You’ll often see offers for reduced pricing for 24 hours only. Flash sales are another great example. Even early bird pricing for events makes use of the sense of urgency. In fact, a study from Experian says that creating a sense of urgency leads to 59% higher click-to-transaction rates. Encourage readers to take action immediately, before they move on to the next thing.

End with a Call to Action

That sense of urgency only works if you give your reader a way to follow up. A call to action gives your reader the next step. After they’ve read your amazing copy, they’ll need to easily see what they can do with it. Make the call clear and direct so no reader will be able to miss it.

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