How to Make Your Blog Content Go Viral

Posted : July 4, 2018

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  • Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

How to Make Your Blog Content Go Viral

Steven Briggs, Technology Content Specialist @
Posted On: July 04, 2018
As the owner of a shiny new blog, your goal is to find ways to increase blog traffic. While SEO can help new readers find your blog online, it doesn’t help your blog go viral. This means your content is attracting hundreds or even thousands of new readers because it’s considered news-worthy. To achieve this, you need to capture the zeitgeist by writing about something that attracts a wide audience. When this happens, people might feel inclined to share your blog post with their friends, colleagues or family members on social media. It may even get traction on a major news website or people might start talking about your blog post on other websites or blogs. Making a piece of content go viral is the best way to attract new readers to your blog. Find out how to make your blog content go viral and boost blog traffic.

Telling a Great Story

One way to make a piece of content go viral is to tell a compelling story that pulls on the reader’s heartstrings. This might be a personal story from you, the blog writer, or one of your employees. You can talk about the story of the founding of your company, why you decided to start a blog in the first place, or a story about how you’re trying to help people in your community. Keep it real and honest and your readers will pay more attention to your blog.

ways to increase blog traffic

Offering Valuable Information and Advice to the Reader

People will share your blog posts with their friends and family if the content offers valuable information to the reader. This might include some DIY tips, self-help advice, or powerful information such as a quote or statistic. Giving people valuable knowledge and advice makes them more willing to spread the word about your blog. In fact, 94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others. If you have something valuable to say, people are going to tune in and listen.

Writing the Perfect Headline for Every Blog Post

You can also capture more attention online by writing a snappy title for your blog posts. Words and phrases like “best”, “how to” and “guide” tend to get the most traffic online. These headlines imply that your blog post is going to tell the reader how to do something. People are always looking for answers to questions online, so including these words in the headline can make your post more attractive to readers looking for advice on a particular subject.

Numbered or list-based posts also tend to do well with readers online. 36% of people prefer list-based headlines, so counting off specific steps or benefits will help you entice new readers online. You can try something like, “Three Reasons to Visit Australia,” or “10 Ways to Get Rich Without Really Trying.”

You can make a piece of content go viral by using an eye-catching headline, telling a compelling story, or by offering actionable advice to your readers.

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