4 Good and Bad Examples of Guest Post Templates

Posted : September 26, 2018

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Let’s say that you’ve reached the point where you have a few good ideas and some sort of publications to reach out to. The next step is going to be getting your foot in the door.


If you’When you’re trying to do this by volume, it’s essential to use guest post templates to prep your pitches. However, there are right and wrong ways to do this. For the sake of brevity, we’re going to cover 4 things you want to make sure are part of your guest post templates, and  4 things best left to the side.

What Makes Good Guest Post Templates

  1. A headline that matches the blog perfectly.

Assuming you’re sending your pitch via email, you need to provide something that gets the person at the other end to click, and “Guest Post Pitch” isn’t the way to do it (unless they specify otherwise. What you want to do is come up with something as a headline that matches the tone of the blog you’re pitching, but makes it clear this a pitch.

  1. Explaining your expertise.

A pitch isn’t a time for your autobiography, but you want to mention something that explains what makes you an authority on the subject you want to blog about. This could be something simple like your job role, or more involved like a personal experience you had on the subject. Make sure your personal details are relevant, though.

  1. Share data.

Using a statistic in your headline or early in your pitch is a good way to establish credibility for guest post templates, but you want to be careful. Go too numerical and your pitch comes off cold and robotic.

  1. Show you know the publication.

Making room in your guest post templates for something as simple as “I loved your article on X” counts for a lot. Not only does it make the person you are pitching feel good, it shows you have a basic understanding on who they are and what they do.


What Makes Bad Guest Post Templates

  1. Not following the rules.

This is cheating a bit, but needs to be mentioned. Make sure that your guest post templates are flexible enough to change to add details that the publication you are pitching needs, or be ready to start from scratch when necessary. Our guide on How To Get A Guest Post Anywhere can show you some common things to look out for.

  1. Vagueness.

Saying something like “I bring a quality perspective on…” really doesn’t bring anything to the table as to why someone should accept your post. If anything, it makes it look like you have less to offer, because you’re filling your pitch with empty words.

  1. Basic mistakes.

Check, double check, and triple check your guest post templates before sending them out for spelling and grammatical errors. It’s hard to trust you as a writer if you can’t sent out an email without those mistakes.

  1. I know you normally cover X, but I have a great pitch on Y…”

Don’t try to force a square peg in a round hole. No matter how good your pitch is, you’re just wasting everyone’s time. So, how do you determine if your topic, and your guest post templates, is on brand?  A. Tana Kantor, CEO of TGEink, does a lot of pitching names in the energy field. Here’s how she recommends getting to the core of it.

“Every story, product or service has a reason for being–a thing it does well. That thing has value based on who looks at it. Our job is to understand that value for a specific audience, and then craft the content so that the value is clear, then it can be supported by facts or research or interviews, opinions and so forth.”


Now that you’ve got your head around how to use a template you can get started. If you’re looking for support or a team of experts to do your Guest Post Outreach for you, check out our services or set up a meeting with us to discuss the opportunities. 


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