10 Examples of Powerful Calls to Action

Posted : October 11, 2018

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When looking at copywriting as a sales tool, the importance of a great call to action is very apparent. It’s the text at the end of your copy that converts those readers to customers. Your CTA copy is how your readers will know what to do after reading your content.

CTA copy should be persuasive, direct, and easy to follow. Your reader should immediately know what they need to do next. That action should be quick and simple.

Below are 10 examples of excellent calls to action, and some tips for creating your own.

1. Netflix

Netflix uses minimal, simple language to let you know what they have to offer. The company lets customers know that there’s no risk involved and minimal commitment.


2. Houzz

With so many apps available to help users find décor inspiration, Houzz needed to set itself apart. This simple CTA copy quickly shows readers the three benefits to using the website. They’ll be inspired, shop right from the site, and get professional recommendations.


3. Sephora

Sephora has a huge social media following. On Instagram, the company reposted this video from Chrissy Teigen to promote her collaboration. The CTA copy encourages readers to act fast. The post also includes a link that takes readers directly to the site to buy tickets.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor offers a few different services, and each has its own call to action on the homepage. For those searching for jobs, this section shows how easy the website can make it. The CTA features the personalization of Glassdoor and shows how it can save valuable time. The button makes it clear that it leads to the job search function.


5. BoxyCharm

There are a lot of makeup subscription services available. BoxyCharm uses their call to action to show why you should choose theirs. They point out that they offer full size products and showcase a few of the luxury brands they offer. They also give readers a sense of urgency by letting them know they have a limited time to get in on this month’s box.


6. Moo

Moo has put a twist on traditional business cards. Some people love that, but others may not be convinced. That’s why the Moo call to action offers a free sample pack. It’s a way to try the product and for the company to prove themselves. Who doesn’t love free things?


7. Allstate Insurance

The clean design of Allstate’s call to action makes it easy for website visitors to see exactly what they need. The CTA copy lets customers know how easy the process will be and lets them enter their information right on the front page.


8. Lyft

Lyft is offering two services within the same call to action. Do you want to sign up to be a driver or create an account to be a rider? This can be confusing, but Lyft shows how to do it well. The buttons are easy to see and make it clear which you should click on.

9. Hinge

Appealing to those who are looking for a dating app, Hinge shows how they’re different with one simple sentence. You’ll know whether this is the app for you immediately upon reading the CTA copy. The call to action also makes it easy to get to the app store and download to get started.


10. The Skimm

When it comes to making CTAs simple, The Skimm nails it. A text box allows website visitors to quickly and easily sign up for the service’s daily newsletters without being directed anywhere else. One click and done.

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