Why Unique Content is Your Ticket to Site Success

By: Eva Webster| Founer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: February 11, 2016
A high quality article writing service knows that blogging content has a lot of purposes. Companies can sometimes choose to update their site with blog content strictly for SEO purposes; the keywords present in the blogs help their Google results standings. These blogs are also typically pretty generic. They don’t speak to the actual company and instead focus on a topic or ideas that are centered on the keywords given.
Generic blogs are unique in the simplest sense. The content isn’t copied and typically written to order, and that IS unique. This also isn’t a bad way to go if you want to focus your blog on SEO endeavors.
Now, this isn’t to say that generic content is inherently bad. It’s actually quite good, just in ways different from unique articles. If your blog contains a “Top 10 Resources for…” type of article, it’s very likely to get you a lot of site traffic and is very shareable, but it can still be considered a generic article.


The correct definition of a “generic article” is an article that can easily be moved from site to site and fit into place. The above example can easily be put on any of your competitor’s sites as well as your own…unless it’s made to be unique.


Unique articles give your blog a different kind of edge. Unique articles can be equally search engine optimized, but they add a personal flavor. Generic and licensed content may not have the actual site and purpose of a company in mind like unique content does, and this extra punch of personality is what can give your website the success you’re looking for.

Why does this work?

The answer is simple and centered on audience reception.


An audience recognizes when you’re trying to connect with them. A good blog informs and entices an audience on an engaging level, but a great blog shows that your company is connecting with them and WANTS to inform them and engage with them. Blogs with hyper-unique content have a better chance of engaging with customers on a fundamental level, boosting their chances of traffic, sales, and ultimately success.


It’s a common business tip to personalize the experience and to make the consumer feel special. Unique content allows for this in a very simple way. You’re showing them that you’re trying and showing off what your business knows and can do, not what just anyone knows and can do.


The more unique your website, the more identifiable your brand is. This extends to creating a dynamic site with a tool like Instapage, to including more unique and business-focused content. A unique article that identifies your business is an article that gives readers access to your brand message.

How does a high quality article writing service make unique articles?

There are quite a few simple ways that you can make content more unique for your business:


  • Make sure your high quality article writing service establishes what sets your business apart from others. An article can me made unique by mentioning a business name and listing off features of the service or products, but it’s good to pinpoint what your business has that no one else does. Focus on that in your content.


  • When using an article writing service, give detailed instructions on how you’d like your article to be written. Tell the writer that you want them to create content in such a way that it is unique to your business. The more information you give a writer, the more they can fine tune unique articles to match your business’ needs. For instance, Article Writing Co. gives you the freedom to give detailed and explicit instructions to content creators that can craft you the unique content you require.


  • Pick topics that keep your business at the center of focus. It’s good to cast a wide net with topics that can grab you more traffic, but you also need to include some that make the focus tighter. Compare “5 Ways to Match Your Furniture to Your Paint Job” to “5 Ways Our Business Can Help You with Your Décor Scheme.”