Why Do Blackhat SEO Content Writing Services Still Exist?

By: David Tile| Founer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: May 14, 2015
Take a moment to visualize how you see Google in terms of the modern search engine optimization (SEO) landscape and blackhat SEO operations specifically. Did you picture a “long arm of the law” type authority figure scouring the web for an offender or miscreant content writing firm? If your answer anywhere close to this characterization, then you’re right in line with virtually the rest of the Internet community.
While there’s no denying that Google has taken a major stance against every blackhat SEO content writing firm, there’s also no way around the fact that these problem members of the community still exist. To find out why these underhanded tactics still have a spot on the web, as well as why your brand should stick to tried and true methods that stay on the right side of Google and the rest of the search engine community, let’s spend a few minutes delving into the truth behind blackhat SEO practices.

Giving a Definition to the Blackhat Ideology

As John E. Lincoln of Search Engine Land explains, blackhat SEO comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. From social media mismanagement to the direction you take your SEO content writing services, virtually no digital platform is exempt from the potential sway of these illicit methods. Buying spam links, stuffing keywords, and forcing traffic to your site via other inorganic methods all fit the blackhat billing

Even though the means and the platform might change, there is one underlying theme that does connect all of these variations – the desire and willingness to utilize unapproved or spam techniques to game the system. The blackhat mentality isn’t about being rewarded for quality content and offerings, but rather trying to find a way to pull a fast one on both the search engines and your audience.


Short Term Gains and Long Term Punishment
Naturally, this path sounds like it’s far from an ideal, yet many brands can’t avoid the temptation of a “get rich quick scheme.” Unfortunately for these members of the SEO community, the short term gains found in the blackhat approach are not only fleeting, but the continued usage of these tactics also helps propagate a segment of the industry that Google continues to try to minimize and damage whenever possible.

Aside from helping ensure that blackhat operations continue to exist by patronizing these outlets, Matt Goulart of Business 2 Community also notes that you run the increased risk of a substantial ranking penalty if you continue to test Google’s patience on this front. Regardless of the size of your organization, falling out of favor with this search leader and trying to bounce back from far reaching punishments is nowhere near an ideal situation.

Doing Things the Right Way

So now that we know why blackhat SEO content writing services still exist – as well as why these methods aren’t feasible for brands that are serious about building a strong digital persona – it’s time to start talking about doing SEO the right way. According to Search Engine People’s Daniel Kosir, it all starts with working with someone who knows what Google wants and how to appropriately manage your content strategy.

From building organic links via quality content, to correctly handling anchor text after the latest SEO algorithm updates and avoiding duplicate on-site content, having an expert team on your side could mean the difference between having a falling out with the search engines and rising up the ranking pages. Considering how important it is to play by Google’s rules, you’ll be glad you took the time to get things right on the first try and not wait until things go too far and you end up facing a penalty.