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Are you a digital marketing agency looking to expand your PR offering? A brilliant freelance marketer looking to scale your expertise? Powerful Outreach is a trusted partner to dozens of agencies that need support on their PR campaigns. We take the heavy lifting off our partners hands, providing an ongoing stream of exposure opportunities to your clients. Letting you focus on higher level strategic work. And opening your time up to focus on generating new opportunities.

Our Solutions are Simple but Super Powerful

Press Outreach

Our simple objective is to be generating an ongoing volume of positive interactions with the press for your clients. Journalists. Editors. Anybody that is niche relevant, publishing consequential work that is well revered within their target market.


What is a positive interaction? This can be as simple as being quoted in a news article where your client’s expertise ought to be appreciated. It can be more complex, seeking to get featured in a more long-form capacity. And we can even take this methodology to Podcasts and YouTube shows, getting your clients featured in interviews, as special guests, etc.


We tee up the opportunities >>  it’s up to you and your clients to knock them down!


Getting featured in this way doesn’t happen by accident. Working the grunt of reaching out and networking with niche press on an ongoing basis is critical. But this is work that ought to be scale-able and off-shored from your core creative and strategic focus. We will put in the time to develop a custom outreach strategy that will earn you significantly more press contacts. 


Here are a couple examples for you to consider…

Guest Post Outreach

The work we do with our guest post outreach service can be very powerful. On an ongoing basis we seek to own contributor access to niche relevant publications. On behalf of your clients, we reach out to a volume of publications every single day. We want to build meaningful relationships with editors and publishers where we can keep coming back to hit this audience.


Once we secure guest post contributor access, it’s up to you and your clients to knock down the opportunity. That said, our sister company Article Writing Co. is well positioned to help write the content, for a nominal fee. And indeed, one of our favorite solutions is to autopilot your client’s contributor content. Basically adding a set fee subscription – once / month or once / quarter – where we completely auto-pilot the contributor spot for your client. 


Here are a couple examples for you to consider…

Why You Need White Label PR Services

This is all about scale. By tapping into our professional white label services like those offered here at Powerful Outreach, you can help to avoid the trap of letting your limited time and resources impact your ability to grow your business. 


For the right clients, our PR services are a tremendous value-add that can help differentiate your agency from the ever-growing sea of digital marketing agencies. The white-label services provide new revenue streams that you can sell into your roster of clients. Providing new revenue without adding stress of scaling a team.


Dedicated Account Support: We’re there to support your clients even when you’re not available.

Scale With Ease: We’ve refined a simple plug-in PR outreach solution with a systematized service offering that easily produces results on your behalf.

Produce Real Results: We’ve helped clients secure media opportunities in hundreds of top tier publications and thousands of niche blogs.

No Long-Term Commitments: We want you to keep working with us because you love what we do, not because you signed a contract.

The Proof is in the Pudding…

Words are nice but it is really the results that speak volumes. Luckily, we have the examples to help prove that we know what we’re doing when it comes to high-quality white label services. To get a small taste of what we can help your business achieve, check out this impressive case study explaining how we managed to generate over one million views in 48 hours for one of our clients.

Discover Your Untapped Potential Today

Once you’ve realized the astonishing value of our white label services, the only thing left to do is get in touch with our team of professionals. Let’s get started on the process of developing positive PR outreach results for your business today!

What Our Users Are Saying:

Tomasz Mularczyk

Paired with JustReachOut I think Powerful Outreach is a great choice for any small studio! They helped us a lot.


startup founder, Chicago


Elijah & team are fantastic to work with. They always go the extra mile to help me develop strategy and new approaches in the ever-changing PR world. They’re the most cost effective partner we work with. Awesome service, highly recommend to all.

Tim Huelskamp

startup founder, Chicago


Débarshi Sarkar

Elijah and Nicole are a great team and have always provided personal attention to my needs.
I’d recommend Powerful Outreach to anyone who is looking to get the word out there for their business.

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