What To Do After Your Guest Posts Go Live

Posted : October 5, 2018

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What To Do After Your Guest Posts Go Live
Ryan Velez, Expert Content Specialist, Powerful Writing
For a lot of people, it may feel like the hardest part of putting a guest post together is just getting something ready for prime time.
You’ve looked at our guide on How To Get A Guest Post Anywhere to figure out both the perfect publication and pitch. You’ve crafted the ideal content and it’s up. The thing about this is that it’s not time to rest on your laurels. To reap the most benefits from every post you may, you also need to get in the habit of promoting your guest post. Here’s what goes into it.

Why start Promoting Your Guest Post?

For one thing, we’ve talked a lot about how getting a guest post accepted and published is about building a relationship with the site or publication that uses it. When promoting your guest post, you’re contributing to that partnership on another level, by trying to draw more people to the publication. In fact, a lot of people reach out to large influencers for guest content for this part of the promotion more than the actual post itself. Make sure that you do your part. In addition, on your side of things, it’s all about ROI. You took all this time to make a pitch and make content, so promotion will help you get the traffic and conversions you want through your post.

Different Methods For Promoting Your Guest Post

When it comes to promoting your guest post, you want to go with a multi-pronged plan of attack to reach as many people as possible. Here are some standout options.

Social Media

This is probably the most accessible way to get more traffic to your guest posts right away—a basic link and shout out via your social media channel. If you can, try to encourage your social media following to share it on their own as well, to try and get a chain reaction of traffic to your post.

Quoting Your Own Guest Posts

Think of this as a basic extension of what you do on social media. On your web copy or even in other areas, make sure to use some of the information from your guest post, along with a link. Note that you don’t want to do this for too long, though, as its impact is subject to diminishing returns.

Outreach Campaign

This may take the most effort, but if you can put a quality guest post in front of influencers and journalists, not only will it expand its reach exponentially, but it could lead to future guest post opportunities. So, how should you handle this?

Brandon Andersen, Chief Strategist at Ceralytics, is a bit hot and cold on cold outreach, but says it does have its purposes. “We asked, “What is your biggest content challenge?” to people at Content Marketing World 2017. Before the show, I did cold outreach to a number of influencers in the content marketing space. Since we were genuinely trying to get answers to people’s biggest questions, and not just trying to promote ourselves, the vast majority of people said yes to be a part of the campaign – including a couple thought leaders we had never met.”

So, when promoting your guest post to people for the first time, be sure to sell it as a chance to add value for their audience, not just boosting your own. In time, this may build more business relationships that work to your benefit.



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