Using Social Media To Boost Your PR Campaign

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Posted On: March 02, 2018
You might think that social media and public relations are two separate entities, but they actually have quite a bit in common. Both routes give you an opportunity to tell your company’s story, just in two different ways. But a good social media campaign shouldn’t just mirror your PR campaign, it should inform it by helping you find the right stories to tell, gauging your target audience, and helping you shape and grow your company’s voice over time.

Finding the Stories That Resonate

As a PR professional, you know a good story when you see one. But so much of what drives certain content to be considered “newsworthy” is happening on social media. Having a high-profile influencer retweet a message or hundreds of thousands of followers talking about a new product is the new PR gold standard. Members of the press are also looking to social media for clues as to what topics and stories will burn brightest online. So, if you want your stories to resonate with the press and your target audience, you need to keep your eyes and ears plugged into Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Clearly, PR and marketing professionals are catching on. Marketers spent and many expect that figure to rise to 13% over the next year. After all, social media allows companies to cut out the middle man. They no longer have to depend on the whims of publication editors or click-bait articles. They can take their stories directly to their customers.


Changing the Tone, Not the Message

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience in a way that feels personal. You can appeal directly to your audience’s questions and concerns, so they feel that they’re interacting with a real human being, not just some robot that represents the company. As Lithium reports, 78% of people who complain to a brand on Twitter want to see a response within an hour. That means you need to have a dedicated team in place that’s actively engaged with your audience on social media.

Even if the message is basically the same as the one you’re sharing in a press release, this gives you a chance to expand the reach of your story, dressing up the details in new and interesting ways. You can also use social media to spread new and original content that furthers your message. Maybe it’s a short video clip or a stunning image from one of your company’s events. Whatever the message, social media gives you the freedom to create and experiment.

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Creating Stories with a Middle and an End

In today’s world of PR, a story doesn’t end when the press release goes out. It lives on in the far-reaching channels of social media. If you have a buzzy-worthy topic or event, your followers will continue spreading the word long after the press release has come and gone. This is how you know you’ve really tapped into the zeitgeist.

As Amanda Miller Littlejohn, an award-winning PR executive, writes for Mashable, “While I don’t believe the press release is dead, it has been transformed, to become this living, breathing thing. If a release doesn’t have a social element — that is, a way for viewers to comment or share to their social networks — it doesn’t have legs.”

Once the story breaks, you can log onto to your company’s social media channels to feed the flames. You can respond to customer inquiries, ask meaningful questions to engage your audience, and see your stories through to completion. Once the buzz starts to die down, it’s time to move on to the next story.

Social media should be an integral part of your company’s push to get noticed. If you’re not sure how to best leverage your social media campaign for PR, consider working with a professional content writing company like We’ll help you find and create the stories that truly connect with your target audience. Contact us for a quote today!

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