Once Upon a Time I Was Told That Too Much Cheesecake Was a Bad Thing

By: David Tile | Founder @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: March 19, 2014
First of all, that title is blasphemous, because you can never have too much cheesecake. At least that’s what I thought back in college. Let me take you back to the 2000s, back when I was just getting into my English major and taking writing classes. This is where I learned the sad truth: there is such a thing as too much cheesecake. At least, in a writing sense. I had a professor that explained that “cheesecake” was just a decadent way of saying “too many details.” While it’s important to tell a good story, you don’t want to overload it with too many details. Any unique content writing service will tell you that too.
It was a hard truth to swallow, but it’s a truth that can be applied to content writing today.

It’s All about the Cake


As I go deeper and deeper into my work for a unique content writing service, I’m learning that a big lesson seems to be this: tell a story. It’s interesting, because, with words like “content marketing,” I always envisioned men and women in stuffy suits and crisp ties as they looked at charts and graphs and numbers (disclaimer: no offense to people in suits; suits are sharp and look awesome in pinstripes). But, as Jeff Bullas demonstrates in his “10 Commandments of Content,” the truth is that audiences now don’t want boring, dull language. “Corporate speak was invented by copy writers but a while back people started switching off. Being ‘Authentic’ is the new black and being real is the ‘new marketing’ that is a message that cuts through.” The general consensus, to my English major surprise and delight, is to “talk like a human,” as Bullas puts it, and to remember to have fun. “The original 10 commandments didn’t mention having fun but it helps enormously to present you and your company as having a sense of humour. This doesn’t mean making every piece of content a comedy act but lighten up and show your other side.”

But Too Much Cream Cheese and Toppings Can Make You Lose the Cake


There is, however, a trick to storytelling. There is a such thing as “too much cheesecake.” For example, in my clever story about college and cheesecake, I could’ve gone on and on about content that would, in the end, overload the story with unnecessary add-ons. I could’ve gone into catching the bus to class, stopping at the vending machine for a Snickers, holding my paper nervously in my hand as my professor walked over to look at it — too much, right? Yeah, my college professor thought so, too.

The website ProseWorks goes into 10 useful tips on writing great blogs, but in the case of this particular post, their fourth tip is vital: get to the point. While your audience does appreciate you being more human, they don’t want to be drenched in it. “The blogosphere is full of rambling scribes who take ages to spit out what they are trying to say. Always think about that mouse next to readers’ screens. Don’t give them the chance to click away before you’ve got your point over.” If you spend too much time on the “once upon a time” of your tale, your audience is going to walk away without getting to the “happily ever after.” This is the type of knowledge that a unique content writing service puts into practice every day.

The Perfect Recipe: A Unique Content Writing Service

So how does all of this work out? I find it best to start out with some sort of story that can make my audience feel like they’re right at home. It’s good to try and tell a story they can relate to, or at least a story that can make them smile and relax before I go into the “marketing” of “content marketing.” However, so you don’t lose the point of your story, it’s good to pepper it in from time to time in your writing.

If you don’t have a unique writing content service to provide the content for you, it may help to get some practice advice. Let’s look at an example. The Skilled Scribe shared a post entitled, “5 Things I Learned about Writing from My Kids.” The first paragraph talks about the author’s two twin boys and the journey she’s gone through with them. This paragraph is kept relatively short, and then it ends with the kicker: “Surprisingly enough, they have taught me a lot about writing.” This makes the connection that the title teases at. After that, each lesson is broken down into 5 different sections. Each section tells a small story about the author and her two boys and the lesson she tries to teach them, then the next paragraph takes that lesson and applies it to writing.

This way, the story of her children and the story of writing work off one another.

This is, indeed, the perfect recipe. There aren’t too many details, and, more importantly, the details we do get are incorporated in the main focus of the blog post: writing. If you’re struggling here, a unique content writing service may be the ideal match. So in this case, it’s not too much cheesecake. It’s just the right amount. Now, if you’ll excuse me, writing this has made me crave cheesecake for some reason.

The ultimate goal of content marketing is offering your target audience information and materials that will engage them and motivate them to choose your business. 

Seems easy, right? 

Often, companies will simply share general content to please everyone. But let’s be honest: you can’t win them all. And that’s okay! 

Rather than throwing a line and hoping the fish will bite, create Thought Leadership content strategically catered to your target market. Consider the people who would genuinely need or care about what your business offers, rather than wasting time, effort, and resources on creating general, unfocused content. Successful content marketing involves promoting your products and services to the people interested in the subject matter, who will read the content, click on your company website, and take action. 

As an executive of an organization, you are a valuable piece of the brand. Consumers want to know about the human presence leading companies, in order to understand more about the company’s values and goals. 

Take advantage of your position as an industry expert and share extra content to attract more attention to yourself as an industry leader and your company. Your quality content will build your reputation as a reliable voice to earn your consumer’s trust. However, if it’s not focused on your target audience, you won’t earn many conversions from your content. 

Consider these techniques to guide your Thought Leadership content so it can expand and strengthen your loyal consumer following:

  • Identify your target audience by reviewing your current consumer data and identifying who is investing in your business or reacting to your thought leadership materials so far. Look for trends to find why these people are interested and if others like them haven’t been reached yet. 
  • Conduct customer research to learn how they will respond to your thought leadership content. Request participation in surveys, polls, social media comments, and more to learn about your existing impression on your audience and how you can improve your platform. 
  • Create target audience character profiles. Identify their interests, demographics, pain points, needs, and desires, and write to them.
  • Find where your current and potential audience is active online.  Catch their attention by being active and sharing your content marketing materials on these platforms.
  • Pull inspiration from other Thought Leader examples. Research other executives within your field who implement successful content marketing through their personal platforms. Learn what qualities make their content attractive and why readers respond to it positively. These examples can offer a base for you to visualize what you want to achieve. 
  • Recognize your strengths as a Thought Leader. Often, leaders aren’t necessarily aware of the unique talents that give them an advantage in their industry until asked. Reflect on what topics you know best and how to input your insights to humanize your materials, make them original and more engaging for your audience. 


Case Study: How Strategic Content Marketing Can Broaden Your Audience

In our client strategy calls, our team will interview our expert clients to learn about their industry expertise and find out what’s meaningful to them, their business, and then identify who we believe to be their target audience. We use these insights to inspire our content subject matter and tone to create impactful content for their current and potential consumers.

Dr. Desai’s COVID PreCheck App Content Marketing

For example, our client, Dr. Nitin Desai, approached our strategy team to create content to promote his COVID Pre-Check app. His innovative software is intended to help employers ensure their employees who enter the office are COVID-free, providing a safe environment by eliminating the chance of spread. 

Our team of strategists recognized that with Dr. Desai’s thorough professional knowledge around the COVID-19 virus, he had the potential to become a reliable voice in a culture of people seeking answers. We created content for Dr. Desai that focused on sharing COVID-related insights to reach a wider audience, which has been a successful mission. Our thoroughly planned content reflected his industry expertise, which brought him attention from various media outlets and publications, including Forbes

By reaching out to our professional content marketing team, Dr. Desai achieved his goal of promoting his groundbreaking app, while also positioning himself as an authoritative voice in his field. Our team learned about his voice, discovered what was meaningful to him and his target audience, and optimized this to create focused, engaging content that broadened his consumer scope. 

Ready to Invest In Your Article-Writing.co Thought Leadership Package? 

At Article-Writing.co, we understand that you have a lot on your plate. Let us share your voice on your behalf, so you don’t need to add more time to your busy schedule to write your own content marketing. Our strategists and creators will develop a plan to create engaging materials to represent your Thought Leader brand through your own specialized Thought Leadership Package

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