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Top Social Media Tools Every Entrepreneur and Marketer Should Know

Matthew Burley, Copywriter @Article-Writing.co

Posted On: November 21, 2018

Regardless of the job, it is important to have the right tools to get it done. For example, imagine trying to dig a hole with a hammer; it wouldn’t work. Coincidentally, this rule applies to social media as well. Anyone who is working with social media, especially entrepreneurs and marketers, should have a digital utility belt filled with social media tools. These social media tools can potentially help them in a number of situations. These include growing their following, gathering data and understanding content analytics. However, before you can start doing these things, you’ll have to fill up your own digital utility belt with the top social media tools.

Everyone should have a digital utility belt filled with social media tools.


Since its introduction on Snapchat in 2013, the “story” feature has become popular on a number of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and of course, Snapchat. In short, a “story” is a video or photo posted by a user that is only viewable for 24 hours. Although users were weary during its inception, the “story” feature has become a fun and new way for social media users to post. However, “stories” come with little analytics, making it difficult to harvest data. On the other hand, there’s Storyheap. Thanks to Storyheap, Snapchat and Instagram users are able to obtain detailed data from their stories. Storyheap also allows users to manage all of their “story” content from the web, making it easier to manage content.


Hootsuite is an extremely valuable social media tool that every marketer and entrepreneur should be utilizing. In short, Hootsuite is a one-stop shop for social media management. This is thanks to its ability to let users pre-schedule their content and obtain valuable data from their social media profiles. In addition, far as usability goes, Hootsuite is top notch; it is easy to understand and is very user-friendly. Hootsuite offers a number of plans for every budget, including a free option.

Hootsuite is a great social media tool for scheduling content and obtaining analytics.

Talkwalker Alerts

By knowing what social media users are saying about a product or service, the business can use this information to potentially pivot into a new direction. In turn, a business can also use this information to prove that their content is successful. However, this information can be hard and time-consuming to obtain. Consequently, one can easily spend days or weeks looking through hashtags and comments without finding valuable information. Thankfully, with Talkwalker Alerts, businesses are able to monitor what users are saying about your business or service. In other words, Talkwalker Alerts picks up information from posts, hashtags, comments, and more. This social media tool is a great way to learn more about how social media users and customers feel about the business.

Whether you’re a marketing or expert or international entrepreneur, it is important to have a digital utility belt filled with social media tools. Some of the best social media tools are Storyheap, Hootsuite and Talkwalker Alerts. However, these are just a few of the potential options out there. Everyone is unique and can benefits from different tools in different ways.


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